The Kingdom of Blackwood

The Kingdom of Blackwood

The Kingdom of Blackwood is headed by Sir Kerrell Kal'Amar-Forrester the King of Blackwood. In recent years, Blackwood has regained much of its former lands and glory including some new ones. Below you will find a collection of Dagger's research on Blackwood.

The Lands of Blackwood

Blackwood - In general, Blackwood is mostly woods with small villages and a few main roads through. It is fairly plain medieval European with half-timber housing, some goth architecture with occasional high fantasy elements.

  • Fausts tavern: The tavern is located near Karmha Creations in Shadowdragon. It is a larger size sturdy building...looks like any other bar except for the 2 giants who stand guard at the door checking for weapons - Faust
  • Small lotus temples: Where members of the Iron Lotus stay in just about every province. Members of the Iron Lotus are given permission to stay in as they pass through by Faust. Temples are small buildings with training areas and/sleeping space food etc ie a bunch of small monasteries really. 
  • The Three J's Farming Co. (Formerly the five J's and 1 D Mining Co.) -Niel S. Tozier
  • Blackwood Mithril Mine (Likely co-owned by Creathorne

Shalindar Keep 

  • Sometimes Lord Nigel visits his reserved apartments there. - Nigel
  • A great light colored castle a hill with a village below - Has been darkened to gray near black by the presence of the Planar Shield Stone.
    • "Well, I know Shalindor Keep would be made from a light colored stone, for starters. Nigel's family, while studious, would never have wanted a dark, scary home." - Nigel
    • "Hello? My family is the one that ruled Blackwood for centuries! When Nigel was asked to become heir to Alfheim, he turned it over to his adopted son, Aeryk, and when he "disappeared", it became the default home of those who took over leadership of the Duchy, that currently being Sir K and his household. They still keep apartments available for Nigel's use when he comes through the territory." - Nigel
    • NEW INFO!: The keep was sort of remodeled after Sir Dark took it. The keep's facade was darkened by the presence of the Planar Shield Stone. 


  • Meds's house: 15 rooms, 3 floors, one main entrance. Bunny Ranch (pretty/sexy/pleasure pools)
  • Faust's house: large gothic victorian manor
  • Apple Orchards


  • Fairly forested besides the middle, which is a very large city.
  • The city is overlooked by a new castle, several stories high, built more for the purposes of holding off a siege than for looking pretty.
  • To the east of the city, there is a temple to Harlequin. And to the west, there is one to the Dealer.Somewhere south Westish of the city there is a silver mine.
  • The city is fairly military based.
  • On the outer edge of the city, there are several flourishing farms.


  • Blackwood Casino is located inside the Castle of Clontarf
  • Castle of Clontarf - A worn moss-covered castle which houses the Blackwood Casino, a 1 room monastery devoted to the preservation of knowledge and a whiskey distillery.
  • Hammerstone is the home of an old orc tribe
  • The Castle Town has a main street which has several small pubs and taverns
  • Most buildings in Clontarf are one story simple stone buildings with thatch roofing


  • Blackwood Bacon Mine - A publicly traded company with shares in circulation.


  • Mostly treetop villages
  • New keep that where Prince K lives
  • Apple Orchards where the forest thins toward Idaris


  • Swampy, overcast all the time, most buildings being made of dark stone and the like. (Think of the art from the swamps in Magic, or just about anything Black Deck related in Magic actually.) - Trent
  • A ruined old hall where Trent's brother once ruled Shadowdragon.
  • Faust's Tavern
  • Karma Creations Shop


  • Previously ruled by Sir Celest and the appointed stewards during times she was away, Alonis currently has a new lord, Lord Sir Torolf
  • The industrial heartland of the Kingdom of Blackwood 
  • The main passageway to Creathorne


  • A small sub-nation of Blackwood where the Prince of Blackwood is lord

Thorne Valley

  • Once part of Hemenshire


  • About 1/2 desert, with a more middle eastern style
  • Tent villages
  • Wooden Outpost Forts

The Lands of the Northern Alliance - Formerly of Blackwood

  • Swore fealty at Feast of Blackwood 2015
  • Have in recent years withdrawn their fealty