Historical Accounts

Historical Accounts

February 11, 995: Feast of Blackwood, Tetch Windsong hears that people from Chimeron were rather rude. Prince Nigel proposed to Lady Dee.

February 19, 1005: Rumors; Communications from within Blackwood were mostly cut off at this time. Only few rumors continued to circulate regarding Sir Santiago Kal'Amar, Viscount of Idaris, Knight of Blackwood, Knight of the Steward and younger brother of Sir K of Creathorne (now Prince K of Blackwood). Sir Santiago has been missing for years; however, these rumors continue to circulate despite any concrete evidence of his continued survival. "He's insane, and he wears no armor.

1007: City of Ivory, Squire Cain of Ivory, Duchess Gwendolyn of Thorne Valley,

I am sorry I was not able to attend this past weekend's events. I was invited to a council of Thorne Valley concerning what is currently happening in old Blackwood. As Blackwood borders my nation of Uffren I thought it best that I find what is occurring there.

From what I have learned that my previous information was correct, the Planar Shield Stone is damaged. Background... The Planar Shield Stone was created by a council of twelve mages of Blackwood. It was originally supposed to prevent inter-plane travel within with borders of Blackwood as defined at the time (which to my understanding includes Heminshire, Blackwood, Iradis, Shadowdragon, Condriff, Thorne Valley and Uffren). It is a large stone that can be disabled into twenty-four pieces which are fifty pounds each. One person can carry two at a time. There is an illusion of the stone in Zermarcx castle. Its true location is in a gate whose entrance is in the tower of Marcus Del Mar (he was one of the original 12 mages and also a drow). The tower is protected by twelve trials, each created by one of the twelve mages. Due to the Planar Shield Stone being damaged when a person dies in the lands of old Blackwood their soul cannot leave so it just goes back into the body and resumes normal everyday life. The name of Sir Nigel of Blackwood may know more information. I have heard he is still alive and mostly well and does communicate by elf mail.

There is a priest of a dark god (not the dark but a) named Maradauth who is currently attempting of push Edaone out of existence. Back-story... way back when there was a ritual done to limit Edaone to within Blackwood and make her more powerful. To kill her followers and destroy her alters within Blackwood will basically make her completely null and void. This all started about the time when the Realms went and fought a dracolich, ancient crypts were disturbed, and seals were broken. The name of one of her priestesses who is well known is Orchyd of Creathorne.

If we can have Sir Dark/Sir Santiago to the lower portion of Thorne Valley by way of honorable combat maybe with Sir Kay, then with the help of Edaone we may be able to do a divination to separate Sir Dark from Sir Santiago.

From what I understand and had heard at this council... if we are able to get rid of Zermarcx then the people of Idaris will do cleanup with the undead. Zermarcx currently has control (of) the undead including Sir Dark. Zermarcx I believe is under Maradauth.

I have also forwarded a copy of this letter to Duchess Gwendolyn of Thorne Valley. If you find any information I have given to be incorrect please let me know Duchess.

Is there anything that we can do Cain? I cannot stand by and let this happen as the people of Thorne Valley are like family to me and my nation, Uffren, itself in danger. Is it possible to do any of the aforementioned ideas? Do you need more information? I will be here in Thorne Valley for a while, and then if I am not in touch I will be in Uffren to see what is truly occurring there.

Thank you for your time and patience, ideas and knowledge.


Talia Dechoros

Allow me to Correct Talia

There were never 12 Mages of Blackwood.

Zermarx was never under Marduath's Control or Influence. He acted of his own free will and took advantage of the undead of Blackwood. Zermarx was more powerful than Marduath is.

The Planer Shield Stone was created by Prince Nigel's Great, Great Grandfather.

Marcus Dalmar has been missing for years.

The Mages of Blackwood are Secretive, and would never give their information to the "Unworthy".

Cecil would be a well of Knowledge, as he was there when they fixed the Planer Shield Stone previously.

I hope all of this helps you in some way.

2013: Recent Correction to the above information.

Uffern was never part of Blackwood. It was founded by Lady Skada. She was good friends with Nigel but never under the protection of the shield stone -Diana Silverwolf

June 7, 1007: Letter

Sir Dark's Letter


The following is dispatched by courier to anyone known to have a title, in a black sealed scroll case. The wax seal upon the case is dark blue, and has an intricate D crest.

IC -

Unto Sir Kwartz of Folkstone, and all nobility of the Realms,

I do with heavy heart inform you I must break my pledge to you. For those who know not, the pledge was to remain within Idaris until Zermarx was dealt with. This pledge was made in exchange for the safe harbor of those willing members of Idris within Bloodshed Forest in Folkstone. In a short while, I depart as my lord orders. I trust you can and will understand the situation. You all may label me oath breaker. I can do naught but embrace this new title and hope that my forced hand shall not compromise the intent of the agreement we made.

May your blades chip and shatter.

Sir Dark Kal'Amar

General of Zermarx

Arch-Duke of Blackwood

Viscount of Idaris

Knight of the Steward

Knight of Blackwood

Warlord of Chaos

OOC - as on the outside an identical wax seal adorns the bottom of the scroll.

September 1009: Obituary

•***The Following is Distributed to Keeps, Posted in Taverns, and in Village Centers throughout the Realms****

Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar

(October 978-September 1009)

Betrothed of Quazar

Arch-Duke of Blackwood

Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood

Knight of the Steward

Viscount of Idaris

Order of the Red

Baliff of Justari

Warlord of Chaos

General of Zermarx the fallen

Herald of Lucious/Iculous

On the sixth day of September, in the year of the realms 1009, Sir Deimos Kal'Amar laid down a sacrifice to save the soul of another and one whom he loved without thought for himself.

Though his deeds, at times, seemed somewhat misguided there was love behind each action. From his arrival in the Realms, until his departure, he has left his mark on many. Be it as an enemy, friend, or brother the mark was left and the memories are laid thick as blood.

His followers described him as not only a leader but also a father, and mentor. Though at times his words or actions were harsh, his people looked to him for advice on all things, and he will be fondly remembered among the people of Blackwood.

Survivors include: His beloved fiance, Quazar Lady of Achoria and member of Folkestone; Two brothers; Sir Kerrell Kal'Amar of Creathorne, and Grog Kal'Amar of Blackwood; His loyal lords of Blackwood; Lord Sir Bones, Lord Sir Nos, Lady Sir Celeste

He also leaves behind a nation of loyal followers to many to be mentioned by name.

Services are to be held on the 11th day of September at 9:30 pm in Creathorne at the start of the King of Rouges Challenge with services lead by Chan, Priest of Justari.

All are Welcome to attend and pay respects to the Fallen.

In lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the Children of Blackwood Fund.

Penned by the Hand of Dame Sir Freesia Den'ier of Folkestone*

1009: Last Will and Testament if Sir Deimos Kal'Amar

Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar

Below is the Final Will and Testament as delivered to my hand. The document is dated the 3rd day of August, year of the Realms 1009. These documents were delivered by a scribe bearing the mark of Blackwood with the explicate instructions that when the time arose I was to read the words herein to any and all able and willing to listen.

I regret to inform all in the Realms that that time came. On the 6th day of September, I was informed at a late hour that the time had come. On the 7th day of September, Realms year 1009, I read aloud what follows:


This here is the last will and testament of Sir Deimos Kal'Amar.

In my days alive and not, I have been called many things. Some called me brother, some evil, some friend. Yet I have always stood for that which I believed to be true. Most of the time I feel as if I stood alone against the tides, But looking back now near the end I see that is not the truth.

Many of you stood with me or by me throughout, and this my last communication to you all I honor you. I thank you. And at last I say my goodbyes to you.

Lady Quazar of Achoria

Sir Lord Kerrell of Ereowan

Sir Lord Bones of Idaris

Sir Lady Celeste of Alonis

Sir Lord Champion Nos of Heminshire

Magnus Heavyhammer of Rhiassa

Lt Vasdre

You were the most near and dear to me for many different reasons. I do not need to begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. So with these small trifles I hope that you understand.

K, my brother long has it been since you lived at home. Now that I am gone I hope that you will come home more often. I leave to you the Knight Commander of Knights of Blackwood. Nigel was wrong to knight me first, you were always the better choice.

Bones, my trusted advisor, and ambassador, you're time has come to rule. Do so wisely and justly. I entrust to you the future of the Vartans that stayed behind. Take the Spirit of Varta, wield it when you can for all the right reasons.

Celeste, my once steward, and always friend, you were like the little sister that I never had. Although I will never understand it, you dance with the spirit of the being called Min. It is of course only fitting that you receive the Amulet of Min. May it serve you, for never once did I use it.

Nos, you I think were most like me. Follow not my road. I trust that you will carry on, and to do so I entrust to you the Sunfire Tabard. Its abilities have and should serve you well.

Quazar, already in your trust is that which should have always been the most important thing to me... my heart. Since there is nothing left for me to give, please keep this Ash Dagger in trust. I regret that it took me so very long for me to find you. I love you. I wish now that I had told you that in person.

I charge you all with one last task... to decide the fate of Blackwood. You five must decide whom the next Arch-Duke of Blackwood will be, or the five of you must shoulder that burden together as the council of lords.

Vasdre, you were the most loyal left hand one could ever ask for. You were unwavering, I wish that I had taken you as a squire before it was too late. I release you from your bond to Blackwood, for it seems your fate is bound to lead you elsewhere. Go forth in peace my hand. Do what needs doing. Follow your own path to glory.

Magnus Heavyhammer, you remind me most of myself when I was much younger. Which is the only reason I could never take you as my squire. Keep true to yourself always and my your faith guide you places I would have never aspired to go. Your purity and goodness shine like the sun. Which is why I leave to you Moroseth, the sword of shadows. Let your light and its shadow define each other.


To the realms,

Many things hang in the balance right now. The demons war with each other. I have championed the cause of Lucious, Quazar has championed the cause of Orcus. Neither is right. The true path lays in the middle. Destroy them both. Lucious and Orcus both want the same thing power and they want us to give it to them. We mere mortals have upset the balance of power in hell, perhaps the ritual the Order of the Red possesses might prove the best course after all.

The Order must be destroyed. For we have unknowingly bound ourselves to a demon, Dame Freesia was right from the beginning. What fools we have all been.

To all those whom I have hurt, to all those whom I have wronged, I am sorry. Being an agent of those more powerful of myself and trying to seek power and glory, and world domination... lead me down paths that I would wish on none, even my worse enemies. In the end, I hope my lesson will be learned by all those who seek similar things.

May your gods be with you. I go now to Justari to have my soul and deeds weighed. May he be kinder then I was to all of you.



These documents are presented and copied unaltered and as writted by Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar, Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar, Betrothed of Quazar of Folkestone, Arch-Duke of Blackwood, Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, Knight of the Steward, Viscount of Idaris, Order of the Red, Baliff of Justari, Warlord of Chaos, General of Zermarx the fallen, Herald of Lucious/Iculous

Penned for archival purposes by the hand of Dame Sir Freesia Den'ier of Folkestone

April 24, 1010: Transaction Letter

Author: unknown

Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Chimeron XVIII

Date: May 1, 1010

Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon

April 24m in the Year of the Incarnation

We, Eustice Kayff and Peter Amiel, carriers confess and acknowledge to you, Falcon of Chimeron and john Confortance of Chimeron, that we have had received from you twelve full loads of Brayil wood and nine of pepper and seventeen and a half of ginger for the purpose of taking them from Blackwood to Chimeron, to the Feast of Chimeron to be held in the coming May, at a price or charge of fifteen rowan in the Chimeronian currency for each of the said loads. And we confess we have had this from you in money, renouncing, etc.

And we promise by this agreement to carry and look well after those said loads with our animals, without carts, and to return them to you at the beginning of those fairs and to wait upon you and do all the things which carriers from accustomed to do for merchants.

Pledging all out good, etc; renouncing the protection of all laws, etc.

July 27, 1010: Letter 15

Author: Lord Roger Byecross

Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown

Date: July 27th, 1010

Transcribed by: Aven

Once you have acquired Lord Valas, bring his body into the

Western lands, to the area near the former nation of

Archendale. It is marked on the oldest map of the Realms.

That land was consumed by Void, which should give you additional

protection from scrying. A small village known as Maeverton is

friendly to Mercenaries and Travelers, you should be able to

acquire lodgings there.

Ride around the north edge of the Blackwood forests, but do

not venture into Creathorne. You will pick up the southwest

road towards the old lands of Darkvale and Blackavar. This

road is lightly traveled. Do not stop at any towns or inns.

You will need to travel in haste. Our magi will attempt to

screen your departure, and throw off any pursuit. But you will

need to move using the cover of darkness, along lesser-traveled

roads. Be prepared for highwaymen and vermin such as trolls.

Avoid magic, unless it is a last resort. The lands to the West

are of (the) lesser population.

Once you arrive, members of The Shield will meet with you,

using the prearranged signs. They will take the body, and you

will disperse.

For the Circle and the Guild,

Lord Roger Byecross

Letter 12

Author: Lord Roger Byecross

Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown

Date: July 27th, 1010

Transcribed by: Aven

The Circle has determined your mark. The Lord of Achoria,

Valas Baneshot, is to feel the hand of the Guild. You will

need to select a member to replace him, based on the

following information.

He is six foot four, approximately twenty stone. A stocky

build, blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes; usually dressed in heavy

blue and white clothing, even in the desert. His failing vision

requires him the use of glasses. Please remember this small

detail. He is originally from the Blackwood Territories, from a

Village known as Fletcher's Country. This land has been cut

off from the Circle by hordes of undead, which means we have

suffered the loss of some of the best archery stock in the

lands. The boy Valas was taken from us when the grand

conjuration ritual was completed; may Hektor rest in pieces.

Now, there is a chance to return him to the Guild, and cull

him into submission to our cause. You will have to take him in

his office, as he feels safe there. He does not attend any


You will need to move in the early morning or afternoon, when

the guards switch off, almost always in pairs. While he may

have some attending adventurers with him, he should be

distracted by office duties. Remember, he has a fast mount

and is protected by Embrace Death, so you will need to

search him for his phylactery, and disenchant it.

For the Circle and the Guild,

Lord Roger Byecross

(a purple field with a black circle and star are here)

November 22, 1010: Tymora & Miracle Max Missive


I am currently seeking those who consider themselves followers of Lady Tymora, or Tyche or Fortuna as She is sometimes called. If you consider yourself a follower or worshiper of the Lady, or if you know someone who is and think they may not hear of my request, please send word to me for I have need of your assistance.

I am also seeking the location of the Holy Altar Cloth and Hilt of Lady Tymora. If you know of the location of either or have heard rumor as to where they may be, I would greatly appreciate any information you may have.

Details as to why I am seeking the above can be provided upon request if necessary. If you have any information on either please send word to me in Achoria.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


-Valas Baneshot

Lord of Achoria

Lord of Blackwood

November 23, 1010: Missive


ArchDuke Sir K of Blackwood if you could please contact me at your earliest convenience


Captain Miracle Max of Achoria

Resident of your lands in Blackwood

November 24, 1010: Missive

Neat. Are you sworn to the new lord, or do you just live there? - Sir Iawen Penn

Sir Iawen,

I have been a member of Achoria for ten years, I will follow whomever leads its. It is to my understanding the leadership has changed however being as I also live in Sir K's Homeland. I felt I should have been considered for this position. However Sir K is a wise and gentle man whos judgment holds great weight. In this case, I feel if he believes that this whats best for Achoria then I am behind him and my new lord 110%. I only wish Sir K had talked to me first about this. Thank you for your interest and may Posidens wisdom guide your way.


Miracle Max of Achoria

Resident of Blackwood

In this case, the Hilt and the Altar Cloth of Tymora (Tyche, Fortuna) was with an old adventurer named Ender, who showed up to claim it, and then disappeared again from whence he came shortly thereafter. There are many a person in Achoria, though, both old and new.

June 1, 1011: Rumors

Rumors from the North: After this past weekend's Tournaments in the lands of Creathorne, some event-goers have noticed an odd change as they go past Blackwood. It has been described as a shimmer by some and a solid semi-transparent wall by others. Some Travelers even report not being able to leave Blackwood and enter the lands of Achoria via the Eastern Road. While the Blackwood military is investigating; it has been recommended that travelers use caution and possibly seek alternate routes around Blackwood unless absolutely necessary. Further information or inquiries may be directed to the Lords of Blackwood.

Achoria: Traders are commenting how there is activity out in the deserts that they hadn't seen in quite some time: groups of humanoids, carrying what seems to be cargo or other types of supplies into the sands themselves.

June 13, 1011: Missive

Type of Missve: Five Counselors' List

Date: June 13th, 1011 M.R.

Responses: None.


The ritual spell that was performed to make the BSG leaders teleport away from any other BSG has ended. We no longer have the luxury of time and must prepare for what they plan to do next.

Know also that your enemies are not just the BSG. Someone told them that you and I would be going to Achoria to deal with everything The Force was doing there. This is why they were so well prepared for us. As a result, we did not succeed in everything we set out to do.

They made a fatal mistake in not covering their tracks well enough. Myself and others will be putting all our efforts into revealing this person. If you have the magics to search them out. Do so and report here what you find out. Do not deal with them on your own though. A great many people want to string them up for their crimes.

For those who haven't heard. Valas has returned to Blackwood. His mind is fractured and he is unwell though. He did not endure well from the torture he was put through. K will be doing a cursory examination of him for any twisted runes marking his body. (I explained to him what to look for.) I told him I would look after for anything else that may be marking him. Ged and Tria, you know the runes, as well as I and you, are his friend. If you can go to see him soon that would allow me to concentrate more on finding the rat.


June 14, 1011: News

Let it be known that Sir Magnus Heavyhammer is hereby appointed Steward of Achoria by Sir K, Prince of Blackwood.

June 27, 1011: Rumors

Odd occurrences near the borders of Blackwood. From the North edge of Blackwood near Achoria to the Southern edge touching Darkwillow Keep and Thorne Valley; flickers of semi-transparent indistinct shapes and sometimes solid barriers can be seen all around the borders. Caution is advised to all travelers.

2012: News

Achoria, now back in the hands of the nation of Blackwood.

Additionally, mail and information from inside Blackwood appears to be delayed. Some caravans into Blackwood for trade have not been heard from in several weeks while their trips should have only taken a few days.