Iron Lotus

Lotus Temples

Small lotus temple where members of the Iron Lotus stay in just about every province. Members of the Iron Lotus are given permission to stay in as they pass through by Faust. Temples are small buildings with training areas and/sleeping space food etc ie a bunch of small monasteries really.

Blackwood Lotus Temples

These temples are 2 story stone buildings made from some greyish stone appearing to be almost like a small monastery. Each is staffed by a small number of Faust's disciples and a 1 giant each. The temples have training areas so people can practice combat, spells, protection techniques etc. The temples in Idaris...and bones' other one name escapes me and thorn valley have the red and eye*. -Faust

NOTE: No temples are in the cities as it was the easiest way to get people goods and info into, and out of, Thorne Valley when Dark invaded.


Champion Faust of Idaris (Blackwood)

Karma Celestine (Independent)

Aiden Penclaw (Blackwood)

Radstar the Red (Chimeron)

Phorun (Independent)

Lotus Disciples

Disciples = 1path pro or less depending.

Faust's Disciples- Each disciple has a sharp dark Iron lotus outlined in red with an open eye in the middle peddle, or just an iron lotus depending on the province.



Blackwood Lotus

There is one lotus Temple every province set up when the Shield Stone was whole and Dark ran things. The temples were set up so members of the guild and other alleys could have "safe" spots through the nation and as depots from when bwag was smuggling food and people into and out of Thorne Valley.

Temple in Idaris

Slightly bigger more people, as it is the one that I would most likely be in, instead of one giant 2 or 3 that type of thing. The Idaris temple is near Faust's Manor which is not in a populated area of Idaris. -Faust


The temple in Heminshire is simple out of respect for Nos (outside of the city). Outside populated areas were not safe for non-members back when the temples were made.