Kira’s Conflicts and the Eastern Alliance

The Eastern Alliance (The beginning): 

The Eastern Alliance was an idea originally formed by Lord Eldin Stronghammer the Demi God King (Demi status is debatable) of the barbarian Kingdom of Eastgate. In his original vision, the East was led by a council. When he first had this idea more than half of the current Easter Alliance nations were part of the Star Alliance (Kira, Lasanda, Mythgul, and Corgen.) As a standalone nation, King Eldin annexed the Lasandan government by capturing their king and poisoning the main water supply within the provincial centers. King Dagger Arnoke, who at that time was the Leader of the Star Alliance, traveled to Jacob Ladder (Eldin's seat of power) to negotiate with Eldin for the release of Lord Tanka, Lasanda's king.

Lord Eldin told King Dagger of his plans to build a council of the eastern nations. Arnoke pleaded with Eldin to free the Lasandan king and remedy the water supply but he refused. King Eldin said that he would let the people of Lasanda die unless Lord Tanka submitted to his terms willingly. Knowing that King Eldin would not be swayed, Arnoke visited Tanka in his cell. He pleaded with Tanka to agree to Eldin's terms to save his people and stave off a war. To protect the people of Lasanda, he agreed.

Lord Tanka: 

The initial agreement which Lord Tanka signed stripped Tanka of his Kingship. Tanka would be given a seat on Eldin's new counsel and Lasanda would be broken up into provinces which would be run by Eastgate Propraetors (Governors.) Through the leadership of these Proprietors, Lasanda underwent several forced cultural revisions. Some stuck, others did not.

Lord Tanka did not accept the offer of Senatorial status. He rejected it at that time, seeing it as an insult. Tanka fled to Celtica were he was offered the throne of the old Halfling nation of Mistmoor by its previous ruler King Percious. Percious no longer saw himself fit to rule at that time and wished his people to better connected with their Star allies in the east. Lord Tanka took the position.

During the New Blood uprising, the military of Mismoor was shattered. Mistmoor fell to a New Blood lord by the name of Lord Nosfairatis. Nosfairatis turned Mistmoor's population and lead it to countless wars around the world including ones within the Eastern Alliance. Lord Tanka returned to Celtica were King Dagger Arnoke put him in charge of his third army.

About that time the Star Alliance was forming a unified army known as the Star Alliance Army. Each of the Star Alliance's nations sent their smallest armies to form the largest single standing army in the history of Arkendrose. Lord Tanka was very successful as a field commander but he missed his home and his people, believe it or not, missed their sovereign.

King Eldin paid close attention to Lansanda and its ex-king. Lasanda did not take well to the Eastgate occupation. After the Star Alliance Army disbanded Lasanda rose up in rebellion against the Eastgate Propraetors killing the governors, their families, and their staff. Instead of retaliating in force King Eldin delivered Lord Tanka an ultimatum. "If you agree to counsel ship and my Eastern Ideals than I will restore you your throne. If not then I will return to Lasanda in force and your people will be punished." Lord Tanka agreed and thus the Eastern Alliance began.

The Eastern Alliance (All-out War/for the Star): 

The Star Alliance Army was far more than 200,000 thousand soldiers. The army fast became too expensive and too difficult to maintain. As the Star Alliance Army broke apart war was everywhere.

Kira (Under King Mace the Barbarian): 

Kira at this time operated under the leadership of King Mace. King Mace operated separately of the rest of the Star Alliance. He made all his own war plans without guidance from the rest of the Alliance and was very militarily active. His armies were everywhere and always fighting. The largest loss of Mace's military exploits was the loss of life. Kira's military was getting smaller every year.

At this time Kira was the strongest weapon against the superior Empire of Coastaar (DarK Empire.) The Empire's military was massive and highly mobile. They also had Arial and submersion units. Kira had dragons which no other nation did. In one very important battle, Mace led the Royal Army against Coastaar's dreaded Air Claw army.

The two armies fought to the man high above the Island of Death Trap. The final showdown was between the Air Claw leader Sir Red and King Mace himself. Mace attempted to finish the fight but using the Dragon Charm to turn himself into a King Tyrillion. Mace was unaware of Sir Red's past experiences and his true age. Mace attempted to kill Red with a King Tyrillion Beam. Sir Red, being a Tyrillion Slayer, pushed through the beam, using his Shield of Tyrillian Slaying, striking a fatal blow on Mace. Both fell into the ocean after.

King Mace was saved by the Aquatic Elves of Deamod Bwelling but to do so meant the separation of King Mace and the King Tyrillion soul which Mace had used to transform. This created new life, the first true living Tyrillion Dragon in thousands of years. When Mace recovered enough he named the young dragon Talon.

The two spend a long time in Deamod Bwelling (The Great City under the ocean.) They both studied in the Library of Past Present and Future. Talon began to show great natural talents with magic. The two sparred often with each other and enjoyed their time with the Aquatic Elves. After a time Mace learned that his old friend Drake was there on hiatus... (Don't ask)

Mace became fascinated with the Library. He made no plans to return to the surface and spent most of his time reading. Word had already been sent to Kira of Mace's wellbeing so Mace did not see a reason to leave the new found information. With some restrictions King Mace, Talon and Drake were left to their study. Talon read far more books than Mace in this time but it was not for lack of trying. Talon had a dragon's mind which processed information far faster than a barbarian's.

After six months or so of Mace's arrival, there was a disturbance within the city. The Elves started to lose contact with the lower levels of the city. The deep levels they still had contact with were starting to darken. There was no explanation to be had about this and no time to find one in the books. Mace and Talon went down to investigate. The lower they went the darker it was which was not normal considering the cities ambient lighting system.

If the two went too far down there was no sound and no light. Talon made light but if they were too deep in the darkness it was not visible. After several level transitions, Mace realized that the darkness was slowly making its way upward. Mace found Drake and ordered him to work with the cities officials in organizing and evacuation to the main level of the city which was near the ocean surface.

Mace, still wanting to know the source of the darkness, went down again with Talon. They went only three or four levels lower than the library. It was pitch black. They quickly moved up a level and checked the area with Talon's light. His light was hard to see so he made it stronger. While holding a strong magical light Talon and Mace watched as the darkness crept upward.

Nervously they fled up to the Library level. It was starting to get dark there too. With no answer as to the source of the darkness or to the whereabouts of the missing people in the cities now blackened levels, Mace decided to evacuate the city. He spoke with its leaders, promising them land and retribution for their people. Kiran and Aquatic elven ships carried the survivors away to safety.

The divisions within the Aquatic elf people became apparent when they reached the shores of Kira. The Royalist faction leaned more toward the Star Alliance, The mobile Aquatic army, called the Soldiers of Siemoon, set off to pursue a mercenary career and the rest, members of the merchant class, stayed in Kira. Those who stayed in Kira were given their own waterfront land east of East Ingcaren. They later became Eastlake.

When King Mace returned he named Talon his heir. This was met with mixed opinion. As history told it, Tyrillion dragons were the enemy of all living things. Kirans had fought rather hard for thousands of years against them. After a time, however, the people of Kira began to accept Talon.

Kira (The Darkening of Mace): 

Mace did not rule much longer but before he went he threated to pull the nation apart. When Mace received the Dragon Charm (Which controls dragons) he did so by selling his soul to a wraith named Sect. Sect called his soul shortly after his return to Kira. Once Mace became trapped with the Box (The Box of Sect), he began to change. The box forced a mutation within Mace making him what we now know as Dark Mace.

At this time Kira was off fighting in West Coastaar. They were about to take the Empire of Coastaar's main training facility, Doran (Named so after the demon lord of the seventh brotherhood whom Mace killed before becoming king,) when the new Mace, Dark Mace, entered the battlefield. He used the Dragon Charm to turn the dragons against their barbarian riders. The end result was a massacre.

Kira (Under Talon's rule): 

After the damage that Mace caused his people, they named Talon king. Talon was the ruler responsible for the construction of the Long Wall which enclosed Kira almost entirely. Talon's policy hermitized the nation. Outsiders were not allowed to enter Kira without first getting special authorization. Most of Kira's population centers are ocean front. Under Talon's rule, those port regions were ordered structured differently. The re-organization made it improbable for a foreigner to enter the Kira without getting authorization first.

During this time Kira was removed from the Star Alliance making it a neutral nation. Trade increased with the Eastern Alliance. The overall state of the nation became more trade alliance friendly. This paved the way for Kira's future.

The other major innovation Talon brought forth was the creation and implication of the Gran Coliseum in the Cosa Plain. This monolithic creation, a work of art truly, is the center of many of Kira's current foreign policy. Much of the laws pertaining to foreigners are congruent with the Gran Coliseums Gladiatorial operation.

Under Talon's rule, Kira became more educated: Talon hated Barbarian ignorance. The Yellow Magic School, the newest of the magic schools, was opened. All able citizens were ordered to attend. Even after the literacy rate of Kira began to increase within its Barbarian population Talon was still disgusted. He had had enough. So, he left taking all willing Draconic Kirans with him to the recently captured Island of Shim.

Kira (Now): 

After the sovereigns left Kira there was no leader left. Kiran's chose the Knight Commander of Kira's Knighthood the Knights of the Yellow Eye (you) as their new King. Kira's history has a lot of named kings in it. Dynasties often put forth their own kin as new leaders but more often than not the leader was chosen from among respected Kirans.

Today, under the new king (you), Kira has joined the Eastern Alliance and Eastlake with it. The hermitization laws still apply as well. Kira is still seen as a strong formidable force which no outside force dares to tempt. However, the truth is far grimmer. Kira's military strength has weakened since Talon left with the dragons. The lands of Kira are too broad and empty. This makes it easy for Orc and Goblin clans to wreak havoc through the countryside.

Revolution in the Lands of Armend: 

FuzFur is a nation led by their Fuzy Goblin king...It borders the Zera Region. The border its self is an issue. The Zera Mountains make up the loose boundary between nations but where exactly is up for debate. Kiran's use the mountains to mine ore while the orc and goblin clans make their home there. If Kiran's stayed south of the Mountains those mountains would act as a natural boundary, but they don't.

The mountains have too many resources to make money within them for the Kiran's to stay away. So, using loose agreements, the Kirans continued to mine the southern slopes until recent activity left the camps abandoned or destroyed.

Fighting within the mountains has met an all-time high recently. Scouts report a potential rebellion against the nation's current king. The leading rebel faction is headed by an Orc whose demeanor threatens the stability of Kira from within. Kira its self is filled with free Orc Clans and Goblin Tribes. In the past, this has been a problem for the Barbarian ruling class.

Not much more than twenty years ago an all-out war broke out in Kira (Pre King Mace.) The war ravaged the land but in the end, the Barbarians won with Mace as the nation's chief war hero. The Dying king of the time had no heir and so named Mace king. The Orc and Goblin population retreaded to less populated lands deeper within Kira.

During the time when Kira was away fighting wars with the New Blood and Coastaar its Goblin and Orc populations were left unchecked. Recently those very populations have begun the cycle of violence that led to the last great civil war of Kira. Kira's advisors fear the unification of those clans and tribes under the Rebel Orc Chief leading the rebellion in Armend. If this happens it could mean all-out war from within Kira's walls.

West Clans: 

The west clans are strong. Their violence has been left the least hindered. The road leading from Zera city to the south past Seeana is all but impassable. Military efforts there have been met with heavy opposition.

South Clans: 

The southern clans wild and highly nomadic. This makes them hard to catch. There are more goblins in the south then orcs. The region is not as dangerous as it could be given time.

North Clans: 

Since the fall of Fort Mace at the hands of New Blood, the north has been left all but defenseless. Military units must move in large groups to make it to the mines and to the northern wall. The situation would be even worse if the mountain clans that reside there were not also busy fighting among themselves.

East Clans: 

The east is very dangerous. If left to their own devices they could rise to be the strongest. The Cosa Plain east of the Gran Coliseum is especially dangerous; the reason being the large beasts that live there. The goblins and orcs ride them.

The Eastern Trade Alliance: 

The Alliance has since re-structured itself. It encompasses several nations: Kira, Eastlake, Lasanda, Corgan, Mythgul, and Eastgate. The leader of the Alliance is known as the Lord Administrator. Since King Eldin fell ill the Alliance leadership changed hands to the leader of Corgen, Gerneral Sparks. He is the primary facilitator of all global strategic and political functions, for now. The nation's leaders within the alliance are still equal in what power and authority it wields. Even with this Sparks tends to call all the shots and run all of the Alliance-wide programs.

Similan Trade Routs: 

The Kingdom of Simila is ruled by a fledgling king who earned his crown out of luck. His government consists of several advisors and four barons. Two of these barons were King Arxis's rivals during his rise to the crown and one is the son of another.

Lord Salvo Ter'ak 

Lord Ter'ak is the Lich Lord of AEbin. He was the first to rise to baron hood and most say the strongest of the four. His policies consist of necromantic legions to swell the ranks, undead servants, deep appreciation for magic and the first Divine Prophet of Sacra. More importantly, he is an open supporter of New Blood.

New Blood 

has been our enemy for some time. Their last invasion of Kira was when they marched inland destroying Fort Mace. We were able to defeat them after but not before the destruction. After, King Mace launched an all-out war on their nearby Nabors, the Order of Florence. His invasions sent him north through the Zera Mountains, through the orc and goblin lands, and up the High Road. He marched his armies all the way up to the walls of Blood Mood three times (Not sure if it was two or three, ask John.) Each attempt ended in failure. "The walls of Blood Moon are tall and strong my lord. We cannot breach them." -Kiran Field Commander. King Mace's continued assault on the New Blood powerhouse (Florence) freed the eastern alliance of some of the largest scale New Blood invasions to date. (More on this maybe later.)

Lord Solvo Ter'ak 

(Part 2/ Vin Mordigen) 

Solvo was originally talked into New Blood by his closest friend Lord Vin Mordigen, the late Baron of Nhalistan. Lord Vin had been a strong member of Sir Liam's Star Alliance special forces unit when he won his crown. Within two weeks of his crowning, Lord Vin embarked on a private mission. When he returned he was changed. His barony felt the change almost immediately. His public speaking started and the nation soon took New Blood's banner.

Lord Vin, being Lord Solvo's friend, traveled to and from AEbin assisting Lord Solvo with his own New Blood conversion. Within months two of the four baronies were New Blood supporters. Things have not changed much since then. AEbin and Nhalistan remain officially tied to the New Blood Alliance. This provokes certain trade problems. (Which I will discuss later on)

Lord Dralnu Mordigen 

Lord Mordigen is the son of the late Vin Mordigen and the current Baron of Nhalistan. When Lord Vin killed himself (this is suspected but not proven) his son assumed his seat. His son was given his father's sword called Sage by Lord Vin's steward Druger (who now holds a seat of responsibility in Ju'sem with the King.) Upon taking this sword and the Sword of Nhlaistan he assumes control of Nhlistan. Lord Solvo wasted no time in gaining the young Mordigen's support. Today New Blood Banners fly from Nhalistan the same as they do in AEbin.

Lord Malro Corroli 

Lord Corroli is the current Baron of Va'lahn. He assumed his seat when the King took the thrown. Since that time he has been a whirlwind of political intrigue and questionability. He openly supports the faith to a high extent though has seen skepticism from his peers the Imams. He has had much unrest within his lands but has appeared to do all he can to appease the people of Va'lahn. After the abolishing of the sacrilegious faiths and the conversion of their temples to Mosques, the barony quitted some.

Queen Ilkana Kietarro 

Queen Kietarro is the Queen of Shimabora (Star Alliance) and the baroness of Ju'sem. Ju'sem city is the capital of Simila. Ilkana has strong political ties to the Star Alliance. However, she has become Mad within the last few years. Her youngest son was stolen from her at infancy. The exact details of this event are unknown to you. If you would like to know more you can ask Lord Sparks if he knows anything. In any case at tattered Star Alliance banner still flies from the tower of her palace.

Similan Trade Issue

Now the actual Similan trade issue: As earlier stated, there are supporters of New Blood within the Simila. Simila remains an important stop along the trade lanes that lead north to Dragonia and the rich Star Alliance nations north of that. Simila is officially neutral as a nation but the strong support given to New Blood by two of its lords gives question trade agreements. Are they being followed? The Eastern Alliance does not trade with its enemies unless it's really worth it.

Dragonia and their Trade Laws: 

The Republic of Dragonia is currently led by an Ex-Coastaarian general by the name of Zero. The last 8 or so years have seen an ex-Kiran king, Talon, as its starting "President." Today Dragonia encompasses three islands. The First is Shim.

Shim was taken from the Empire of Coastaar some years ago under the rule of King Mace. This was back when Kira was Star Alliance. When Talon threw down his crown and left Kira he took the island to build his new draconic republic. Kira was not able to dispute this issue after the wars King Mace led them through. The nation was weekend already before Talon took the dragons with him. After it was impossible for Kira to retaliate.

The second island of Dragonia is the old Star Alliance island of Manballa. Manballa had been infested with vampirism under the rule of Queen Spark. In an attempt to sate the destruction and save her people she married King Lyric of Lorace (New Blood) forsaking the Star Alliance. This was a very bad move. Lyric offered the nation to the Demon Highguard (before they were Fallen) for some rights to use the Tower of the Gates (More on that incident if you ask.) The Demons swept the land destroying everything but Rod'ven'gul the Red Magic School. That was part of Lyric's agreement. The Star Alliance evacuated who they could but the nation was lost. When the Highguard was finished they left apparently finding whatever it was they had been looking for.

Star Haven Port was still mostly intact. The city had been destroyed but the docks were still functional, which was also part of Lyric's agreement. From that moment the port was operated by New Blood and the cadre of the school. The lands of Manballa, however, were left untouched. At this time the new Republic of Dragonia was crowded and expansion was the top political priority. After turning down some more aggressive ideas from Lord Zero, Talon decided to purchase the large island of Manballa from Lyric. Lyric agreed. Now, the island is an open, secure, trade stop for, everyone. The dragons do not let travelers stay long and no foreign military officials are allowed past Star Haven Port. Rod'ven'gul is operated only by its cadre. (This presents an even more obvious problem then Simila. More on it later.)

The last island of Dragonia is Drake Island. This island was named after its dragon relative inhabitants and has been part of Kira for hundreds of years. That is until the last king, Drake, sold it to Dragonia. Both kings, Mace and Talon sold large Kiran holdings to various nations over the past twenty years but this one was unacceptable. The buyer was what was unacceptable. Dragonia is a rebel in the eyes of Kiran's. But Kira still trades with them as if they are not. Many lords disagree with this administration.

Dragonia 2 

(The actual problem): 

Because Dragonia is a true neutral nation they do open their doors to all trade. Their capital is not accessible by foreigners but the other two islands are. Manballa specifically is a problem. New Blood has the ability to trade there. Giving the situation of New Blood as a whole trade is very important to them now. The Alliance is bankrupt and running itself into the ground. Their territories are too far detached from each other. Simila and Dragonia could be the final nail in the coffin of New Blood but they are not. Dragonia especially breaks with the acceptable trade agreements set down by both the Eastern Alliance and the Star Alliance by allowing free trade to move through Drake Island and Manballa.

The Gram Collective: 

The collective is a vast criminal organization that spans the entire east. It is led by a Lord Gram (To learn more about him ask Lord Sparks) whose seat of power is a giant floating city called Gram's God. Tensions between the Eastern Alliance and the Collective peaked when the San Salvager and the St. Marauder (Collective pirate ships) attack the T.A.S Pride (A Corgan War Ship.)

At this time Lord Sparks and the Eastern lords had already agreed to an increased naval presence and a slew of shipping protection laws and regulations which had been making it harder for the Collective to move about unmolested.

After the attack, the Collective fleet moved north to Lasanda. Lasanda was home the Easter Alliance's largest naval base, Fort Stone (I think that is what its called. I am missing the map.) Once there the two naval powers met in, what is possibly the largest naval battle in the history of Arkendrose. The victor did not matter. Both sides learned in the two or so days of naval combat that a war between the two could cripple both.

Lord Sparks and Lord Gram spoke on this and discussed a cease aggressions agreement. The agreement was extensive and called for continued cooperation between Gram and Sparks (Ask him about why.) Shortly after the agreement was made the Collective fractured. In large number, Pirate Captains defected claiming that what Gram was doing goes against who they were. These people were later labeled Renegades by the remaining Collective and the East.

As soon as these pirates separated they started pirating again. Lord Sparks was furious. He demanded an answer from Gram. Gram gave them and the two once again came to an agreement. Gram would cooperate fully with the Alliance in hunting down these pirates and bringing them to justice. Gram chose the San Salvager as the flagship of this operation. Some believed it was a slight against Lord Sparks but Sparks ignored it and accepted.

The Renegade problem is more for you than for other Eastern nations. When the Renegades left the Collective they were forced further west. The Anti-Pirating organization was too persistent in the East where it was started. So, as a result, the Renegades pirate your waters more now than the Collective ever did.

If I missed anything let me know.

-Davidik so of Paal, Royal Advisor.