Knights of Arkendrose

Knights of Arkendrose


The Knights of Arkendrose have no home base. They are knight order made up of many different types of champions from around Arkendrose including the Empire of Coastaar.


The Knights sole purpose is to protect Arkendrose from foreign or domestic threats, threats in which would do damage to the world its self.


Sir Malro Corali: Malro came into the World of Arkendrose an anomaly. His race could not be discerned by empire where he resided but his darker skin color allowed him to be accepted into the male social class of the Empire of Coastaar. His standing was of considerably low status and it saw him many years of rigorous torture at the hands of priestesses. As the years progressed he managed to find freedom and began to wander the known world.

After a time Malro came to meet and interact with a number of people including Liam Blackcloak, Demeathyl Heltalani, and Malfeareon Day. He considered the Wearvampire Malfeareon to be his first true, and perhaps only, friend. Soon Malro met Lucifer Spite the King of the Demon Slayers and took him as his mentor. This is where Malro was introduced to Lucifer's new religion, Sacrum.

During his time with Lucifer Malro became friends with Sir Zervia Hok. Sir Zervia was, by this time, taking on students of his knowledge and arts. Malro became one of them and was squired into the Knights of Arkendrose.

Following Sacrum later paved the way to the Similan Tournaments of Nobility where he was made a strong showing of support to his comrades. Soon after the first tournaments were held and the first victors had earned their lands, Malro began spending most of his time in Simila. He stayed close to the Baron of Valahn and the local Demon Slayers during this time. When Lord Arxis's team earned him the Crown of Simila two years later, Lord Arxis rewarded Malro his lands as thanks for his service. During the Coronation of King Arxis, Sir Zervia Knighted Lord Malro as a Knight of Arkendrose.

Sir Zandarious Blackcloak (The Idol Barer.):

Sir Lucifer Spite: The King of Meoldolen

Sir Slim: The Duke of Ral

Sir Lance aka the hand:

Sir Gee: Director of Chee tech or Lord of Chee.

Sir *******: The White King or the King of White Mountain.

Sir (Red Blade): No longer a KOA, stripped of his belt due to the actions of his squire Vin Mordigen.

Sir Zervia Hok:

Sir Palador:

Sir Gonf:

Sir (Green Blade):

Sir (Orange Blade): A member of the Blade Bearers was captured during the Quest for the Heart of Arkendrose. His soul has since been stripped from his ownership making him a corrupted puppet of the Kingdom of Sect.

Sir Dygen of the Seventh Brotherhood the demon of Death Trap: Sir Dygen is a demon of the Seventh Brotherhood an organization of demons what fought their way out of Fallen through rites and challenges. The Brotherhood later joined with the expanding Empire of Coastaar as full citizens, not as underlings. The first member of the brotherhood to acquire the title and position of General was Dygen's brother Doran who helped the growing empire expand its borders west. Doran was killed by Mace the Barbarian. The empire honored his memory by building a massive training facility in Doran's name.

After his brother's death, Dygen took up the mantle his sibling had left behind. Dygen shot up the ranks fast making a name for himself. He eventually earned the title General of East Special Operations and sits side by side the ruling matron of one of the largest empire armies. Regardless of his empire's political and religious stance, Dygen has no wish to see the world burn. When the call to arms came down from the gods, Dygen went to Keta, the Island of the Fury Hole, to protect Arkendrose. He was named a Knight of Arkendrose during the Quest to get the Heart of Arkendrose.

Dygen's knighthood is becoming a problem within the empire as it becomes increasingly obvious where the empire stands: under Sect. Sect was the being the Knights were originally trying to stop from acquiring the Heart. Dygen and his fellow Knight Sir Red have begun to hide their belts.

Sir Meric: Meric started out his adult life as a simple soldier in Celtica. In the Celtican army, he deployed to West Coastaar to participate in the conflicts there. He was present at all three major battles that took place over the year or two of the start of the Black Elf War. The second battle was a battle on the open field against the superior military power of the Empire of Coastaar. Meric saw many a comrade die that day but the actual fighting was still done mostly by cavalry and artillery.

Both the Caltican and the Lasandan armies were forced into slave labor to construct a north facing the great wall. Intensive labor brought more death to the allies that year but their respective kings would not stand for that humility for long. Under secretive guidance from their commanders, the captured armies slaughtered the prison task force. Meric saw at least some vengeance that day.

The joys of freedom were short-lived for the armies had to quickly reequip and move to a defensible position before the might of the Empire of Coastaar came to crush them. The Celtican, and Lasandan armies retreated to Fort Narg where they waited for reinforcements from the newly formed Star Alliance who had already embarked on the journey to liberate them several months earlier. Coastaar moved slowly up from the south until they came within striking distance for their Trebuchet. The superior siege weapons laid waste to the simple stone fortress. The Star Alliance did all they could to stop their bombardment. They called for aid from Beckhorone who promised to show and they charged the empire's lines with cavalry and archers. The death and destruction surrounded Meric like it did every single soldier of the Star Alliance.

After more than two days, or was it weeks, the generals of the allied armies were finally forced to retreat. By the time the allies reached the fortified city of West Point Meric had seen the permanent deaths of most of his legion. Coastaar followed the Star Alliance but did not engage. Instead, they waited outside the walls of West Point within full view of anyone who cared to look. Over the next year, most of the allied armies returned home leaving West Point weaker and weaker until finally Celtica also left leaving the city in the hands of just one small force of Bri soldiers to defend it.

With regret in his heart, Meric and many others left military service and established a large mercenary group in the heart of Celtica's capital city Trister. Meric was called to action once more by the King of Celtica to handle yet another grave threat one that far outweighed what he had already faced just a couple years past. He now had to stop and apocalypse.

As part of two teams Meric, Zervia Hok, Kuan, and Palador embarked on a journey to the Island of Keta where they engaged the forces of a new forming alliance which is known today as New Blood. During his journey Meric recovered the Maltivar, a legendary sword once used by Maltoverone. Although team two was about to at least partially stop the potential apocalypse, neither team was about to stop the resurrection of Akuma the God of Vampires nor the death of the armies of the Star Alliance which had amassed against those of New Blood in a combined effort to stop the destruction.

After facing grave defeat a second time Meric jumped at the opportunity for a chance at personal redemption. The gods called for heroes to protect the Heart of Arkendrose and he answered it. He was knighted as a Knight of Arkendrose but fell and became a captive of Sect during the Quest for the Heart of Arkendrose. He has since been corrupted and now servers Dark Mace the King of the Kingdom of Sect.

Sir Kuane:  Kuane is originally from Nobikono, Bri. He moved with his family to a place called Tremor Village in the lands known as Tremor. Once there, he trained in the ways of the local clan in some unique arts unknown to most. Within a few years of his residence in Tremor, he sailed home to Bri for a brief visit where he met various affiliates of the DeVamp Council. Soon after he enlisted among their ranks of supporters for the anti-vampire cause which would later be elevated to anti-demon as well.

His affiliating with the council took him to Celtica; home of two of the councilmen. In Trister he met up with Zervia Hok, one of the two councilmen, and began to assist him. King Dagger Arnoke of Celtica, the other Councilmen there, personally requested Zervia and Kuane's assistance in a matter concerning with issues in Trister's underground aqueduct. With the two went a Paladin of Gashno named Palador, and the mercenary Meric of Gryfen's Mercenaries.

Shortly after their initial mission, the group was again called to assist the king but in a more important matter. The four traveled to Valanda Castle where they awaited an audience with the King of Celtica and the other leaders of the Star Alliance. The group arrived at night and was shown to separate rooms to get some rest before their audience the following day. That night the four each had special dreams. Each dream was different and could be seen as potentially prophetic. Kuane's dream disturbed him greatly, however.

In Kuane's dream he saw, what would become the leader of what was then the DeVamp council which would be turned into the Demon Slayers, slaughtering an entire town of peasants and warriors alike. The town was a flame and those who were not already dead were dying. When, in the dream, Kuane finally reached the source of the mayhem he found what appeared to be Lucifer Spite a fellow affiliate of the council and would be King of the, to be, Kingdom of the Demon Slayers. Kuane kept this dream to himself but became increasingly withdrawn.

At their audience with the Lords of the Alliance, the group was tasked to be one of two groups to travel to the island of Keta and attempt to stop a group of priests from resurrecting the vampire god Akuma and, as a result, bringing about an apocalypse. The task was heavy indeed by Zervia spoke up for his group stating that they would do as was asked. Together the group set out from Trister by sea on the long journey that would take them to the Fury Hole itself.

Along the way, the team learned that the lands of old Row were not what they had thought. Celtica had invaded the nation several years prior and conquered it. As Kuane and his companions learned the Rowen people had been plotting against their overlords for some time. It was no easy task for the Kuane's group to make it through Row and onto the Furylands, also known as Iptia, but they managed in the end.

Once in Ipita, the Kingdom of the Fury Lands, they met up with some of the Star Alliance forces which had been fighting to push through the enemy territory to Keta. After collecting intelligence and making a quick stop at a pyramid there to root out some enemy soldiers, Kuane's team was again on their way. They traveled west across the deserts of Iptia until they reached the Great Tower of Iptia.

Intelligence collected from the armies told Kuane's group that this tower held the King of the Fury Lands. Wanting to know more of how they could possibly stop the resurrection of Akuma, the team decided to break into the tower and get answers one way or another. The going was rough but once they reached the top the group was confronted with the king himself. The king told them that he would die but would do so fighting. No information was gathered because Kuane killed the king before they could.

With that deed done the group traveled south to one of the two great bridges which span from Iptia and the Byzantaar to Keta. The bridges were magically created an extremely long spanning the straights from shore to shore. Kuane and his companions made it across and were on the other side by the second day. From there the group traveled to the mountain of the Fury Hole at Keta's center. The defending armies of the new alliance called New Blood were fully engaged with the combined might of the entire Kingdom of Mistmoor a Star Alliance nation; Kuane's team was able to slip by to ascend the mountain.

On their way up Kuane spotted Lucifer Spite, the Walking Arsenal, relaxing on a large rock with piles of dead around him. Kuane was filled with rage and lashed out at Lucifer attacking him. Lucifer defended himself by using a magic scepter to cast down Kuane. The next thing Kuane remembers is being nursed by to health by a man named Syron Ky.

Syron Ky served as a mentor for Kuane over the next year while Lucifer fulfilled parts of Kuane's prophetic dream. During that time, Lucifer Spite took control of the DeVamp Council rebuilding it into the Demon Slayers. By default, all councilmen and organization affiliates automatically became members. Lucifer, with the assistance of the remaining councilmen, rallied all members worldwide forming them into a formidable sixty thousand strong fighting force.

In short time Lucifer took the reconstruction to another level by claiming the abandoned grounds of Lord NewHouse's Estate and declaring himself King of the Demon Slayers. No one questioned him: not even Kuane. Kuane did, however, make King Lucifer aware of his continued participating on Demon Slayer related activities. He also made Lucifer aware that he did not like nor trust him which Lucifer ignored.

Kuane waited and waited for the day when Lucifer would turn against his own people as he had in Kuane's dream. Years past but eventually something happened which would give Kuane reason to believe the end was nigh. Seeing the growing power of the Army of Sect, Sect later became the God of Pain and Evil, Lucifer declared it necessary to retrieve a great power he believed existed near where he was born: at the Island of Keta. Kuane immediately knew something was wrong and followed Lucifer all the way to Keta. Once there the gods sent, now Sir, Zervia of the Knights of Heaven to stop his longtime friend Lucifer from attempting to acquire the object of Lucifer's goal.

Watching from the shadows Kuane was not at all surprised that Zeriva had ascended to his celestial position over the years nor was he surprised that Lucifer had become so madly convicted in this seemingly absurd task. Before Lucifer did anything brash, the gods offered an alternative. If Lucifer must take this quest to acquire the Heart of Arkendrose then he should do it as a protector of it and the world and with other like protectors. As soon as Lucifer Spite, King of the Demon Slayers accepted this plan the request was sent, via the gods, to several champions around the world. One such champion was Kuane: he accepted.

Now Sir Kuane of the Knight of Arkendrose, Kuane made himself known to the two. Soon some twenty-nine knights would be made and standing before the Mountain of the Fury Hole on the island of Keta. The quest was a failure as Sect managed to somehow capture the Heart during the fight to reach it. The quest also did come with the loss of some of the knight's number. Kuane was not among them but his longtime friend Meric was.

The loss of a comrade was not the most important thing on Kuane's mind. The moment he saw the mountain peak erupted and a giant multicolored orb of energy shooting out of it and into the sky he knew that the prophecy was being fulfilled. He rushed back to the Kingdom of the Demon Slayers hoping to reach it before Lucifer did. When he got there he found the defenses were overwhelmed by the army of Sect and the cities burning.

Knowing where Lucifer would be Kuane rushed north to the town of North which Lucifer had been laying waste to in his dream. Once there he found it as it was in his dream, burning and littered with dead. Kuane rushed to where he knew Lucifer would be and found him there killing off the last of the town's defenders. Kuane had been too late. Lucifer flew away leaving Kuane alone to deal with his thoughts.

Instead of brooding, Kuane rushed to rally the defenses and try to save what he could. A handful of remaining Demon Slayers fled the Kingdom of the Demon Slayers to their two other bases of operation, one in Kira and one in Celtica. While the best that was Lucifer laid waste to the outpost in Zera City, Kira Kuane traveled to Trister to their base there where he worked to find a way to fix what was causing Lucifer to destroy the Demon Slayers.

Kuane learned that during the fight to acquire the Heart, Sect with Katon Spite, Lucifer's father, somehow united the three into one being. Katon and Sect's initial assault on the Demon Slayers exhausted their control of their shared body allowing Lucifer to send a message explaining his situation.

Regardless of the plans made by the remaining Demon Slayers, Sect eventually ejected Lucifer from the symbiosis. Just before Sect's interaction with Lucifer, Lucifer had killed the Beast of Arkendrose which is the defender of the Heart of Arkendrose. Because Sect wanted to turn off the Heart, which would make the gods mortal and therefore killable, Sect wanted to be rid of Lucifer the Beast of Arkendrose. So long as Sect was one with the Beast he could not do harm to the Heart.

With Lucifer expelled, Sect rushed east to a place known as the Birth of Evil in Meoldolen. Kuane, and those Demon Slayer's able rushed to follow and with a miracle stop him. Once at the Birth of Evil Sect unleashed his army which was near immediately met by the forces of those who would stop the Mad Wraith from accomplishing his goals. Kuane was able to do little more than watch as Sect uncovered the Spirit of Pain and Evil, reject Katon as his host, and then take the Divine Spirit instead. Sect instantly became the God of Pain and Evil.

The newly made god then rushed south. As a Knight of Arkendrose it was Kuane's duty to try and stop Sect so he followed but it was too late for whatever he thought he might be able to do. Sect had again unleashed his army on the Mythgulian Gate Guard Army, the protectors of the Gate to Chaos. Sect was able to send a task force in but the task force was not able to retrieve what it was they looked for.

Finally some respite for Kuane and the other remaining Demon Slayers. Most of the survivors attempted to collect in Trister but this base would soon also fall to their enemies. In the year that followed Sect's ascension to godhood, the ancient nation of demons was reinstated with the resurrection of Vex King of the Fallen. Lucifer also resurfaced after being freed from the symbiosis with his father and Sect. With the memory of what he had done to his own people he purchased a piece of land on the White Mountain and started the construction of a mansion where he could live away from the memory of what had happened with the Demon Slayers, his fallen kingdom.

The Trister base soon came under attack by the Fallen as Aris Mord, the last council to the Fallen King, opened a dark gap to bring forth some of their demonic numbers to destroy their direct opposition. The base was laid to waste before the army of Celtica could retaliate to protect it. Once again the surviving Demon Slayers searched for a new place to call home. With word the Lucifer, their fallen king, had built a mansion in White Mountain, the Demon Slayers started the long journey there: Kuane went with them.

Unable to turn them away, Lucifer opened was forced to let the wayward men and woman take up with him. Kuane was once again before Lucifer but this time not as an enemy but as simply someone who did not like him. Lucifer declared then that he was no longer the King or Leader of the Demon Slayers. Grayzon, a fellow Demon Slayer, took up the mantle of leader for a time. The title has changed hands over the years and when it does Kuane makes sure he is nowhere near those making the decision.

Sir Red: Sir

Sir Twister: To become a member of Lord Flame's champions he acquired the power to fight alongside him; The Twister Dagger or Dagger of the Winds. The power of the Dagger became his trade name and was later nicknamed the Tornado King. When the team answered that call to arms he of course when with. He was killed during the quest for the Heart and his dagger stolen.

Sir Flame: The leader of a team of great warriors. The team once traveled worlds doing good and defending others where they could. With the team, he settled the island of Manbala in the world of Arkendrose and was later crowned king. When the quest for the Heart asked for heroes he signed his team up. During the quest, his party was shattered and separated. He himself was captured by Sect. His hand was forced into the box. There his body and soul fell to torment and corruption until he was transformed into a devout worshiper of Sect.

Lord Flame or James was born a demigod as Pyra's direct descendant. His birth granted him dominion over fire and as an extension to that he stole the Flame Blade from the temple of Pyra.

Dame Fireball: Lord Flame's significant other. When the Quest for the Heart failed and Lord Flame went missing, she disappeared as well.

Sir Zap: Sir Zap is a Mer'mak and the son of Sudami the god of water and storms. He chooses to decline ascension believing he can do more good on Arkendrose rather than above it. He joined Lord Flame and his team on Manbala in an attempt to do just that. When the gods called for defenders of Arkendrose he along with the rest of the team answered the call. After the quest for the Heart of Arkendrose the team was split up. Lord Flame went missing and later resurfaced as an Acolyte of Sect. With his leader gone he disappeared himself and has not been seen since.

Sir S: Sing Shan Nanagarow or Super S hails from a fallen ninja clan. The clan fell during the Oni uprising and disappeared. He has since fought to rekindle the heart of the clan in himself. He joined Lord Flame and his team at the island of Manbala. From there he worked with them on their endeavors in hopes that one day he could use their help to rebuild his clan.

Sir Red Dragon: Red Dragon is the personal assistant of Super S or Sir S. He is a member of the Red Dragon ninja clan of Old Sawdom. The original Red Dragon was killed during the quest for the Heart of Arkendrose. Sir S went back to the Red Dragon clan in search of a replacement.

Sir Smoke: Smoke is the third Wraith born of Evil. He denounced his heritage and wrapped himself in dark cloth. He appears as most ninjas would. He was born with an extra ability. He can turn himself into smoke and move as it. He also acquired a weapon called the smoke sword. These two things gave him his name and identity.

He never agreed with his maker or the other wraiths. He set out to do good and find a suitable host for the task. When he found his potential host he approached him, unlike the other wraiths. He explained what he was and asked his permission to possess him. The host Ain Guiden at first rejected his offer. Instead, he allowed Smoke to live among his people and learn their ways.

Smoke spent years living-learning about the Ninja of Ain Guiden who lived in the forest of Wu. For a long time, Ain became Smoke's mentor. When the Odomodin Empire collapsed Ain finally agreed to Smoke's request of possession. Ain then slipped away from history. Smoke worked as a champion for good and fought to accomplish a great many noble tasks including joining Lord Flame and his champions in Manbala. He is currently on the missing list.

Sir Kang Ma: Once the king of the Drag Ma now the Master of Dragons. After the first Tyrilion war and the fall of the Wu people, he disappeared and became the world's utmost master of martial arts and a keeper of most of the dragon races. About forty years ago he joined a team of champions that later settled the Kingdom of Manbala which was destroyed by the Demon High Guard. The team of champions joined the quest for the Heart on principle alone.

Kang Ma no longer goes by that name. He now uses the title Dragon Master instead. He constructed is own realm and Sanctuary for dragons. He currently resides there.

Sir Maris Dalkis: The Knight Commander of the Demon High Guard. Sir Maris answered the god's call to arms and joined the quest of the Heart of Arkendrose. He is a demon yet he swore an oath to keep Arkendrose safe and it's natural order in tacked.

The Demon High Guard is the personal army of the King of the Fallen. When King Vex was resurrected he refused the Guard's service to the king. As a result, his army was challenged by the King according to the Demon Codex. Sir Maris chose Sir Lucifer as his champion who was defeated a year later by the demon king. He currently fights by King Vex's side as his personal bodyguard and Knight Commander of the Demon High guard. At the moment he and his army stay in the White Castle of Meoldolen.

Sir Andavar: The King of Seenitory. This Elvin king has fought through two wars and is working on defending his people through another generation of war. As a peace offering, he was given the Zitherous Sword by the king of Jargon. During the quest for the Heart of Arkendrose with the K.O.A he acquired Greed Blade off of a fallen comrade. Currently, He resides in the castle of Seenitory where he leads his people as a member of the Star Alliance.


Lord Vin Mordigen: Lord Vin Mordigen, Sir (Bearer of Red Blade's squire) attempted to destroy the world and in doing so did significant damage to it. This even caused a temporary worldwide end to magic which temporarily made the gods mortal. Vin is believed dead at this time.

Vin's accomplice: Vin is believed to have had an accomplice. If this suspected accomplice is ever identified, he/she will become a target of the Knights.