Lamia is a Seraphim, however, she is the equivalent of an about a 19-22 yr old. She left her home due to family conflict. She wondered until her powers decreased and she wound up in the realms. 

She is primarily a mercenary. Her first affiliations have been Draconia, but when that last fell she left. She is an active member of the wenches guild, and can often be found drinking with Kate, Queen of the Wenches. She had been employed for years by Idaris, under Sir Dark, and left after her employment ended. She is the current High Priestess of Min and a member or the Knightly Order of the Peacock.

Her primary residence is her boat, which is docked at Pier 6 Port of Rathekeale. This is also the party boat of the wenches and is provided by the Evil Emperor Artex, as such it is staffed by his un-dead and Lamia pays no taxes.

Other useful info:

Lamia has used necromancy without punishment in Chimeron Castle as it was used to obtain dance partners.

Killed Sir Kay in cold blood and raised him right afterward. When asked why told him 100 gold, but the contract never specified that he remains dead. He approved of this.
Accused of choreography on a night quest, with Sir Vyx.
Favorite weapon combo 5'7", 6'2" Florentine Knights. (Ben Greene and Neil Tozier)
At one time called the Warmonger of Idaris.