Mythodea an Overview

Mythodea is a massive land resettled in recent decades.  The powers that be are the Elements, Terra, Aqua, Ignis, Aeires, and Magica.  They created the world and with it the Ancient Rulers.  Some of the Ancient Rulers sought to undo their creators by creating the Forsaken Elements.  The Ancient Rulers who created the Forsaken were then labeled the Primordial Skeptics and sent into exile by other Ancient Rulers who had not gone against their creators the Elements. The Skeptics then fled into Kelriothar, the Mirror World that they had created, leaving behind their students.

The students of the Primordial Skeptics, were not able to come to an agreement and so their culture was destroyed and the whole world plunged into war culminating in the burning of it completely, an event known as "The Worldfire.“  

When Mythodea was once again settled years later, those who came once again found conflict with the old enemies of the Elements and thus the war began a new.