New Blood Alliance


Blood Moon

Blood Moon is a city guarded by a ring of mountains and walls in the North West region of the Byzantaar. The city also serves as the capital of the Order of Florence which is one of the Central New Blood Nations.

Blood Moon was originally a Rowan fortress by another name but slowly grew into a sprawling city. The Rowan Empire set to building massive walls between the ring of mountains and defense of the city slowly spread outward from the center. Temporary bases were set up along grounds were the walls were being built. This moved the majority of the local military out of the city. The city soon became a full Rowan settlement where the Rowan patrician settled. The patrician's constructed palaces, baths, villas, and other Rowan structures throughout the city.

After the fall of the Rowan Empire, the city became, by default, the home of the rulers of the Byzantaar. This was largely due to its size and military strength which none of the outlying regions could match much less challenge. As centuries past, the vampiric patrician community slowly gained control of the city. With the city in their hands, the vampires established the Order of Florence which would later join with the newly formed New Blood Alliance.

The city was attacked several times by the Kingdom of Kira by the walls were never breached. After the formation of the New Blood Alliance, the city became the Alliance capital. This made it an even larger target as New Blood's introduction into Arkendrose was one of violence around the world. Combined efforts from the Star Alliance and Eastern Alliance saw the city attacked once again. At first it appeared as though the walls could never be breached but eventually, the Star Alliance found a way to enter the city using a footpath through the Twin Mountains at the southern end of the city. Once inside, the Star Alliance burned the city and occupied the region.

Once Corgen of the Eastern Alliance pulled out of Plaunth, the Star Alliance was left to occupy the Byzantaar alone. Continues attacks from the people of the Byzantaar forced the Star Alliance occupation force to leave Blood Moon. In the years that followed, the Order of Florence restored their nation. It was not before long that trouble within New Blood would cause turmoil of a different kind in the streets of Blood Moon: political rallies


Government: The New Blood Alliance is more like a consortium which is ruled by an elected official called the Lord Director who acts like a sort of president. Then there is the Church who presides over all issues related to the gods of the people. Last you have the Vampire Counsel which was created after the Inhalation of the WareVamps to govern the proper use of the Vampire Gift.

The Lords: The Lords refers to the nobility of the various New Blood nations. While varying nations have varying cultures their leaders all share relatively the same power as other nations depending on their own status within their own nations. For Example, the King of Beckorone has the same say as the A'basys King of Grerkly. Another example is Lord Salvo who has the same authority as the Baron of Verania in Sycon. Salvo is better known, however. The lords, not the people, elect from one of their national leaders, a Lord Director who is free to step down at any time. Currently, the King of Jargon is the Lord Director.

The Lord Director is like a president in some cases but I think it would be easier to explain his position by thinking of New Blood as one nation. In this example, the varying nations of the alliance are mere provinces ruled by dukes. The dukes have to answer to the Lord Director but they can advise him and object to his decisions openly. But they have to follow his orders regardless.

The Church: The Church is the second form of government within New Blood. It holds its own hierarchy system. The leaders of the religions of each god are called High Priests. They are said to converse directly with their lords and are granted special powers as a result.

The High Priest of Acuma: The High Priest is chosen from among all the other priests by Acuma himself. This priest operates under the direct guidance of Acuma at all times.

The High Priestess of Ignyon: Lilith is the name given to all Ignyon's High Priestesses. Each one is chosen from the Bishops of Hate and Strife.

Other Church's: Other faiths are represented within New Blood but are not part of the ruling class. They have a voice at meetings but are not given direct authority. Although in recent years the High Priest of Sect, Darloth, has been very persuasive.

The Vampire Counsel: As stated above this counsel was created to govern vampirism after the WareVamp uprising. New Blood as a whole does not maintain recorded history on the events of the uprising. The council does. They prefer to keep the details of that secret on to themselves. Their order was formed when the Rowan Empire still existed. It was an official Senate Committee sanctioned by the Emperor of the time and has been the presiding authority on vampirism ever since. King Lyric, the first vampire, and past Lord Director, is the only identifiable member. The council is a secret organization. Lyric acts as their speaker.

Nations of the Alliance and Affiliated Territories

-Kingdom of Jargon

-Kingdom of Mistmoor

-Order of Florence (The Byzantaar)

-Empire of Sycon

-Fury Lands (Iptia)


-Kingdom of Beckhorone

-Kingdom of Grerkly (The Abysis)

-Kingdom of Lorace

-Barony of AEben

-Barony of Nhalistan

-Old Lorace

-Blood Realm Territories

-Keta (under Keta [Hell Mouth])