Late in the Realms year 1013 after my bloody introduction to the lands of the Far East, I traveled to a forested land called Otzberg. The land did not appear to be heavily populated or at least I did not venture close to any towns. The forest of Otzberg was vast and the roads seemed rather well kept. Along one of the roads, I met a handful of travelers including a paladin of sorts who by the name of Cathair ap Kriegstein Vorgt zu Kleinsteinhausen in Piermas. Over time Cathair became less agreeable (More on that later). Feeling it better to travel in a group as opposed to alone, we few travelers banded together and continued on. It was then that we came upon our first Otzberger and a letter that sparked great confusion.

My visit to Otzberg brought with it a curious affliction. Farmers from nearby farms had been turned into some sort of pig-like beast. At first, I felt as though this was not my problem but the local patrol of Otzberg soldiers did not appear up to the task of defending themselves let alone anyone else. Our small group instead took care of the threat and after Cathair beseeched his god for help in purifying the afflicted.

As the day came to a close, further research of the letters earlier found suggested a necromancer was the cause of Otzberg´s troubles. As night neared we were confronted with the necromancer and his small army of undead. As the fight raged on, I gave chase to the necromancer but his champion blocked my path. The undead champion and I fought and just I thought I may have won my shield´s shoulder strap got caught on the crossguard of the minion´s weapon. The champion used this opportunity to rush in and bite me. I nearly died were it not for the assistance of my fellow travelers.

There was a short confrontation between the paladin Cathair and myself that day after I had sent someone I killed to the Void. We were able to set our differences aside long enough to get through Otzberg and go our separate ways.

The letter is directed to a group of assassins I believe are called the Sons of the Cresent. This group has apparently been hired by a third party who has been employed by a not named party to kill (assassinate) the Prince of Blackwood. At first, I could not believe this could be the same Blackwood as mine but it soon became all too clear. I sent the letter back to Blackwood in the west via elf mail in time to warn Prince K of a potential assassin which did indeed try to kill my prince as the letter said one would. I have since set off in search for more answers regarding these Sons of the Cresent, their employer, and possibly the person or persons who contracted the assassination attempt.