Selbion by Dagger of Blackwood

Important Figures

Magi (Magier) were the prominent authority figures of this area. I recall four of them; one of which the Void consumed. The other three remain and are as follows:
  • Magi (Magier) were the prominent authority figures of this area. I recall four of them; one of which the Void consumed. The other three remain and are as follows:

    • Sert O´Donnal, Haus des Greifen, Oberbibliothekar 30 Copperplate
    • Elias Eltori, Haus des Greifen
    • Ronont Madegrimm Yesslbron, erfhrenuerter Magus Resertius der ersten Überabteilung der Magieakademie zu Bogen Furth Lightspear Haus des Greifen, 35 fes Baner Selbions.

Our Newly Formed Mercenary Group

With my new found friend Maric, I traveled further east to a place known as Selbion with a newly formed mercenary group.
  • Kriegsmeister Horst (Warrior-Krieger) A headstrong aggressive man with an iron will (and fist...) Horst is an aggressive heavily armored political mind who gets what he wants even if it means hurting others to get it. Horst was heavily armored and fought with a sword and hammer.
  • Marik (Warrior-Krieger) My friend Marik and I train together. He follows a god apparently but I have been doing my best to shake him of his limited views. Marik´s darker side came out while we were on a mission in Selbion. I watched him torcher one of our enemies to death. I was impressed, to say the least. Maris is a heavily armored fighter who wields a giant poleax. 
  • Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood and Hemenshire, Mayor CrestGrath, Awakened of the Void (Warrior-Krieger) In addition to my medium armor, sword, and shield I have been calling the Void to consume things. So far the Void has been rather responsive. 
  • Cina Flussläufer (Healer-Heilerin) A kender healer but not in the context I am used to. Healers in the Far East use bandages, salves, needles, thread, and drinks to ease the pain.
  • Lyn Goldmaus (Healer-Heilerin) Another kender healer.
  • Talahas (Ranger-Waldläufer) I had fun egging him on. I hope he gets the itchy string finger I kept suggesting he get. Perhaps boring situations would end up becoming more fun in the future.
  • Byron (Archer-Bogenschütze)
  • Albert (Berserker) Albert and I did not get along very well during our mission in Selbion. Out issues brought us to a brief brawl which was broken up by the Kriegsmeister. After that we seemed to get along fine. I guess it is just a Berserker thing. Albert is medium armored, wields a double bladed staff weapon, and uses blood to drive him to fight.
  • Craig McGee (Warrior-Krieger) McGee is a confident and often comic warrior. He has a great talent for bardic as well. McGeeäs back was broken by a great hammer during out first encounter with the Witch Bitch as we were fond of calling her. With the help of Sert the Magi we were able to repair his back. McGee fights with a greatsword and has medium armor.
  • Brandar (Warrior - Krieger) Although a timid man, Brandar seemed to take in every detail. Likely this helped him survive in our first encounter where half of our group was beaten down by the Witch Bitch´s minions. Together we fought to hold back her minions in attempt to save Horst´s life. Considering Horst is still alive, i would say we succeeded. Brandar wore red clothing, light armor and carried a spear type weaon.

Other People Met

Our group met many other people who also took the magi´s mission. It appeared as though some may have been from a nation of sorts but in my infinite wisdom I forgot to ask.

  • Munin blackbird (Warrior-Krieger) Blackbird was fun to talk to. He seemed to see things a bit clearer than other people. He had a hint of sarcasm to him that he displayed even when Albert was having his way with him. Blackbird showed no fear either. Though his life could have been forfeit for his boldness he stood up for himself. Blackbird wears black colored medium armor and carries a buckler and longsword.

  • Movjrrliunr (Inforkmkweibfin) I should have read what this woman wrote before I let her go. I have no idea what it is supposed to say... She was likely just a tavern wench who wrote a bit fancy.
  • Paul (Warrior - Krieger)
  • Jesper (Scout)
  • Otlwar Rothmand (Warrior - Krieger)
  • Aelius (Warrior - Krieger)
  • Norr (Warrior - Krieger)
  • Ragnar Rok (Warrior - Krieger)
  • Rickjard Rankstraul (Warrior - Krieger)

There were far more who took the Magi (Magier) mission but these were the only names I had time to get.


Our primary issue in Selbion turned out to be something known as a Heimstein or Home Stone. Various points of magic needed to be activated in order to keep a threat of undead away but the potential for the creation of a Heimstein remained as a result. I received a vision that compounded the matter. There is a good chance that the stone has already been created as a result of our meddling.