The province of Shadowdragon is primarily swampland teeming with undead and much is still being discovered pertaining to what's in it and why. It is home to some shaman and necromancer citizens at this time and the undead mostly stay within the swamps boarders. There is a keep that has been slowly being rebuilt after years of being left in rubble after a siege during the first Lord's tenure in power. 

Upon Aiden's leave, Sir Bones permitted him to move the dragon hatchery to continue his research from Najina and it continues to thrive as before. There are villages, and at this time one of them was rebuilt to become home to now free citizens of Verai as of last fall upon agreement with the Steward of Verai, Nertail. The agreement struck to help educate his people in commerce in light of their economic struggles. 

The banner itself displays the shadow dragon itself which has not been seen in many years. Many reading this probably weren't playing when it last appeared. Its name is "buttercup" because the original lord caught a Neatherform and to embarrass it named him such. This was something powerful he could call on to fight for him but at a cost. 

The banner hung at court is, in fact, the original banner.

History of Shadowdragon by Lord Trent

Current Lord

Aiden - Aiden was named the new lord by former acting lord, Sir Guilium of Invictus

Founding members

Lord Sir Devlin Black (Later Duke) Knight of Blackwood

Lady Angela Black

Trent Black (Devlin's brother, now Trent ShadowDragon) Knight of Blackwood

High Preist Tobias


Later Additions

Asbestos (the Blacksmith)



Fred (The Bear Skin Rug).

Lady Zarine - Lady was married to a member of Thorne Valley once.  She did leave it to become part of Invictus but her reasons for leaving are better left private.