Star Alliance


New Arcana (Original Capital: Trister)

The current capital of the Star Alliance is the City of New Arcana which operates independently of the Empire of Bri whose land it sits in. The city was erected on the ruins of the old capital of the Kingdom of the Demon Slayers and renamed from Arcana to New Arcana. The city is the farthest western bastion of defiance against the Star's enemies. In the early days of the alliance, their territory spread much farther west but war has lost all of the Star's far western territories.

New Arcana has several large newly constructed embassies within the city center. Outside of the city center is a sprawl of simple buildings and tents which spread out in all directions tapering off into the fresh farms that go on as far as the eye can see. Improvements to city living conditions are at a standstill due to the invading army from the Kingdom of Sect which has blown down the stone walls on the outskirts of the cities territory.

New Arcana is approximately half native Sawdomies and have Manbalan refugee.

The original capital of the Star Alliance was Celtica's capital of Trister but after being invaded twice by the armies of New Blood the city fell to disrepair and was considered too indefensible a place to be the world's number one target. New Arcana was built to replace it as well as make a statement to the Star's enemies.


The Speaker of the Alliance

The current Speaker of the Alliance is the White King, king of White Mountain. He is the second leader of the alliance since its conception. The first was King Dagger Arnoke of Celtica. King Arnoke stepped down after a stent in captivity. The White King is more aggressive than King Arnoke was and has since seen the alliance stabilized as a result.

The Alliance

Star alliance nations are independent accept through various universal laws and alliance-wide organizations where the nobility hold authority. The Speaker of the Alliance also holds the right to speak for Alliance nations; however, the individual nations can reject the Speaker's directives if they so choose. Alliance backed trade and natural rights laws are also increasing in number and enforcement.

Nations of the Alliance and Affiliated Territories

  • Kingdom of White Mountain
  • Empire of Tengoku
  • Kingdom of Celtica
  • Kingdom of Seenitory
  • Kingdom of Westlake
  • Empire of Bri
  • Daklavan
  • Kingdom of Shimabora
  • Barony of Ju'sem
  • City State of Chee
  • City of New Arcana