White Coast

White Coast Brigade

Before there was a White Coast or a White Coast City, there was the White Coast Brigade. The Brigade or WCB was a collation of aquatic peoples who had begun to band together with land folk to resist the threat of the Dark Champion. (To my knowledge, the Dark Champion's identity was never discerned.) That unification formed an assorted force which, with the help of land folk, was able to beat back some of the Dark Champion's attempts at controlling the seas.

It has been too long since the aquatic peoples have felt the coolness
of the watery deep. Their chance is coming, but only if 5 aquatic
embassadors can reach the white coast in time for their citizens to
follow. Lutinent Galleos Seealf is calling all realmsies to help in
this task. For if this is completed, a great city will be erected
which will help to join land and sea together again.

-Aquatic Chronicles Part 1

(Trouble with Fish)

event description.

When the call to arms went out, a few nations and adventures answered it. Whether of a will to help those in need or a want of glory, the combined force of Brigadiers and land folk were successful at escorting the ambassadors to an area in the Southern Wastes where the Wasters Runners had agreed to let the aquatic refugees settle. The Dark Champion sent foe after foe at the allies trying to stop them from reaching land. Each attempt was thwarted and a general of the Dark Champion's, A Great Blue Crab, was slain before his forces broke. Where force had failed so did corruption. One of the five Ambassadors was discovered to have been a double agent in the service of the Dark Champion.

AC1 Event Review

The 'ambassador' NPCs had such incredible character development. They
were AWESOME and full of energy. The baddies had some of the best
costumes I've seen to date. There were also enough of them to keep us
busy, but they were not so hard to dispatch that it took away from
the fun. We had to gather pieces of a rather nifty boff-lily-pad that
velcroed together and the pages to ancient 'sea scrolls'. The magic
weapon was a giant blue crab claw, that we had to kill a giant blue
crab to get (go figure). Everything was original and well thought
out, and the event site was fabulous, aside from the distance most
people had to travel to get there. The plot was engaging and charming
and easy to follow, but it also challenged us because there was a
twist (one of the ambassadors we were protecting was evil).
This event was thrown by NEWBIES! It just goes to show you that given
half a chance, people will surprise you. Aquatic Chronicles 1 is the
most fun I've had at an event. Ever.

The Oath to Unite Land and Sea

Several years past, there was a force of darkness that swept across the Aquatic nations like a storm. This storm ravaged the nations of the southern sea and separated the nations of the east by a rift of violence and carnage. At the helm of this destruction was the Dark Champion. The Dark Champion called to him all manner of creation. Within his abominable ranks were crab soldiers, lizard warriors, shark knights and more. United, the forces of the Dark Champion crushed all resistance that lay in his wake.

The Champion of Light was storied to be the only person who could stand against the Dark Champion. With the Sword of Light in hand that person, that champion, would strike at the heart of evil and... Unfortunately, there was no champion to be had. Only the sword was available for the taking. One man, an Aquatic elf by the name Galleos Seaelf, took it upon himself to beseech the nations of the Realms (Dry Land) for aid in his people's struggle against the darkness. The request was for a formal alliance and between land and sea. Those who fought directly with Galleos in his struggle took an oath to strengthen their conviction in the task at hand: The oath to unite land and sea.

White Coast City

Four ambassadors of the sea nations reached a cape of land deep in the Southern Wastes where they would begin the erecting of a great city. White Coast City was constructed both in the water and on land. There were (two) defining features of the city, White Coast Hall and the Land n' Sea Tower. The hall was on land whereas the tower was constructed from the ocean floor up until it scraped the sky. The rest of the city sprawled out around it as more and more aquatic people flocked to it for refuge from the armies of the Dark Champion.

Feast of the Seven Tides

It is a time for peace, a time for thanks to those who have helped
one of the greatest causes in all the realms, salvation to the aquatic
people's. Among these people are celebrations of much worth, one
being the season of seven tides. This is when all the greatest tides
have crept sleepily into the deep, leaving those behind to gather
supplies for the oceans awakening. Tis in this season that peace and
prosperity strive. Wont you come to the newly built hall deep in
WhiteCoast city to help honor those who've contributed to this cause
and help celebrate? Plenty of games and traditions of fun and shiny
things. - Feast Announcement for the Feast of the Seven Tides

The entirety of the feast was plagued by interruptions, political confrontations, and an all-around lack of order. Though the feast was intended as a celebration of peace and the establishment of the city, it was seriously damaged by constant threats and discord. Illinarians General Gabrial and Slaader arrived at the feast uninvited and Galleos had them forcibly removed. They however returned and remained for the duration of the feast. Shortly after Galleos removed the Illinarians, order started to break down in earnest. There were spouts of violence and random killings throughout the gathering.

War with the Dark Champion

After the founding of White Coast City the war against the Dark Champion took a turn for the worse. Several aquatic cities came under assault and siege. News of (Aussowa's) siege brought with it fear that White Coast may be next. With news of the assault on the cities, namely the news of Aussowa), Zeiram Abyss, the advisor of White Coast, sent out a call for help to land folk of the Realms detailing events and requesting aid.

The armies of the Dark Champion have beleaguered the Northern Sea recently. Most cities have been under siege for some time, and only White Coast has escaped completely unscathed. We fear, with the other pushes that the Dark Champion has made recently, that he has sighted White Coast as his next target. The city of White Coast asks any that are able and willing to come and aid us in our hour of need. Given the sheer size of the Dark Champion's forces, the Brigade that normally defends White Coast is likely not sufficient for the task. We therefore beseech you to help us defeat the enemy before they reach our gates. However, should you take up our call, we suggest that you be prepared to fight in city streets if the need arises, for we can never be certain where circumstance may force us to fight them.

You have our sincerest gratitude for doing all you can to help defeat the evil that imposes upon us.

Zeiram Abyss, Advisor of White Coast

With the escort of a guide, the combined forces of the White Coast Brigade and their allies set out through the ocean to the Eastern Sea city of (Aussowa). Along the way, the allies were hurried by the armies of the Dark Champion which were predominantly Shark Knights and Crab Soldiers. When they reached the city they found it to be under attack. Together Mythguard, The Iron Kingdom, Neden, and others breached the Dark Champions lines and fought it out within the city. After defeating the Crab general (Awssowa) was reclaimed. The city was heavily damaged during the battle; however, the allied forces remained behind for a time while they assisted with vital repairs.

The Fall of White Coast City

After the liberation of Aussowa (spelling?), it seemed that a kind of peace was upon the people of White Coast. White Coast's people were able to roam somewhat freely and the Brigade often ventured outside of their lands to assist the Realms with troubles north of the Southern Wastes. For a time this was so until trouble started brewing within the lands the White Coast people occupied.

After the great burning that made the wastes what they are today, some remnants of the once great human civilizations remained. Most hid around the ruins of their cities, in caves, around the patches of wood that somehow survived the great blaze, or they became nomads. Over time these people lost touch with their heritage keeping only their hatred for what brought them down: elves, and big government.

When Galleos came to the wastes with his band of aquatic elves and land folk friends, the human tribes of the area grew curious. As the tribes observed first the Brigade and then the Nation of White Coast, they grew increasingly angry. Soon their anger was to a point where they refused to allow these outsiders to come and erect cities and monuments to what they believed had caused their downfall. They had had enough.

Many of the tribes decided to band together and resist what they saw as a threat. They chose a leader from among the tribal chieftains and named him Fearless. The Fearless chose a second and called him Lieutenant. From then on, the united tribes were known as the Rebel Faction. Together they assaulted the towns and cities of White Coast. As trouble with the Rf mounted the tides had also turned against White Coast from the deep. The Dark Champion's armies were coming.

Just as White Coast wheeled to deal with a threat from the inside, the Dark Champion's armies assaulted from the seas. A wave of Lizard Men rushed inland from all around. Soon the city was under siege and the battle was pitched. Within a month the city fell and much of the Brigade with it. When Tempest and CrestGrath arrived at the city in force, they were able to fight off the remnant of the Dark Champion's assaulting force. With the smoke of battle cleared, Dagger of CrestGrath searched in earnest for his lord. All he found was his sword.


Genova, the healer's town, was founded and established by Lady Onyx. Lady Onyx was among the first land folk to swear the oath to unit land and sea. With the support of Dyandros (Spelling?) of Rathkeal, she was given permission to settle a town where she could cultivate and practice the healing arts. She chose a rare swampy region in the wastes which housed ruins to a long forgotten civilization. From among those ruins she and her followers built Genova.

Lady Onyx constructed a hall on the top of one of the two hills in the region and a hospital and healers residence just below that. The second of the two hills was home to the upper market with the rest of the village sprawling out beneath it. Also of note was the Rathkealian Inn which sat on the edge of the town which was constructed as a result of Lady Onyx's close ties with Dyandrose (Spelling?).

The forming of the Rebel Faction was a great threat to the town of Genova. Genova relied on the hill for defense but beyond that, it was practically defenseless. After the faction's attack on CrestGrath failed they set their sights on a potentially softer target and bided their time. When news reached the Rf of the assault on White Coast City, they took the opportunity to attack Genova.

Lady Onyx was well aware of her people's predicament. She instructed her guard to hold off the rebels for as long as they could while she evacuated Genova. With the help of Dyandrose she was able to save most of her people. It is likely today that the Genovan's are living somewhere in the Rathkealian isles. I have yet to hear anything of them since their city fell.


One of the earlier oath takers was a human with a small following. He called himself "Lord" Mavrik. With Galleos's blessing, Mavrik constructed a port city along White Coast's northern border. Tempest became the primary location for all non-aquatic White Coast people. Inside the city, Mavrik constructed, with the help of Balinor and his dwarves, a keep, docks, some towers, and a barracks. The city itself was constructed in-between all of that.

When the Dark Champion took White Coast City, Mavrik mobilized his forces and marched to intercept the enemy. There, with the help of CrestGrath, he was able to throw the Dark Champion's army back into the sea. Unfortunately, White Coast City was lost before he arrived. Even before news reached him of the siege on Genova, Mavrik declared himself Lord of White Coast.

Back in Tempest, Mavrik had Balinor construct a new White Coast Hall where he had hoped to hold court. Before the completion of the building, the combined might of the Rebel Faction had reached his doorstep. Whatever the man may have been, Mavrik was not the kind of person to lie down without a fight. Mavrik, excuse me, Lord Mavrik rallied his defenders and fought it out with the Rf and nearly whipped them out. Unfortunately, his city fell before he could do finish them off.

When I walk by Tempest today, I see only a shell of what it once was and no evidence of any of my old friends who had lived there before the fall.


With Galleos's blessing, Dagger Arkenstone established the town of CrestGrath with the help of his friend Slim. For more information of the town's establishment see this book.

Historical Accounts

The Coastal News - February 18, 1004

The Empire of Coastaar has declared war on the Nation of Mythguard. The only entrance to the Realms for the Empire is a gate north of the village of CrestGrath in the Southern Wastes. Also, the Rebels are back in action attacking the Village of Tempest and Genova.

-Cpt. Sealyen

The Coastal News - June 10, 1005

To the people of the Realms,

The lands of White Coast have fallen. One Town remains the town of CrestGrath: Dagger's Town. North of CrestGrath is a gate: the gate to Arkendrose. Through the Gate is the Empire of Coastaar a hostile nation. To the north of the portal, there are two nations the Empire of Sycon and the Kingdom of Sect. Sect's forces are heading through the portal into the Southern Wastes. Why? I do not know.

-Cpt. Sealyen

The Coastal News - July 22, 1005

Sect's forces have left the Wastes and went back through the gate to Arkendrose.

-Cpt. Sealyen

The Coastal News - July 23, 1005

A large force of Empire troops have come through the Gate and into the Wastes.

-Dagger of CrestGrath

One by one the lands of White Coast fell to either the Dark Champion of the Rebel Faction. Only CrestGrath remained and still remains to this day. Ironically, the same gate that had caused the town so much trouble in the past seems to be what is keeping the town alive. Though the Rebels have resurfaced, they do not seem very eager to assault the town again. I believe this is because of the gate and what has come out of it in the past. It may be better for the Rf to just leave the town be so long as the gate remains open.