• About 1/2 desert, with a more middle eastern style
  • NOTE: The members of Achoria have since left the province to join Invictus! 

    Lord Sir Trent remains the Lord of Achoria even though he is a member of Invictus. 

The Meaning of Achoria

I guess now that I'm in charge, I should do some official stuff, and stuff.
So I'll start with a quick rundown of Achoria, for those who may have forgotten, and for those who never knew.

I am Chaos; I don't reflect on the past, I never kept accurate records. I am sure there are those who could regurgitate Facts about Achoria better than I. But Facts are for people who don't live and create their own history. People who truly matter deal in Truth, which is a very different thing....

So, here is the Truth about Achoria:

We were led by an unrepentant Vampire.
We killed our bakers, just because.
We created Gods that are still worshipped today.
We ran a leader out of town by chopping down his favorite tree.
We awoke one morning to our nation covered in desert.
We had a ninja hide our pillows on the roof.
We invented Sword-Chucks.
We were Rob and Panther for a night.
We don't like your dead people near our dead people.
We traded drunken punches with Folkstone.
We won a War Tourney.
We threw a party with Schoolgirl Strippers.
We flooded our desert with Alcohol.
We have defeated many Enemies of the Realms.
We have been the Enemy of the Realms.
We were scalped to a man.

Is there any wonder that we take so little seriously?

In a word, Achoria is freedom. Well, actually the word Achoria means "No Where", but freedom sounds better. Not Anarchy mind you, but the freedom of an entire group to do what it wishes, when it wishes.

So next time you are visiting Achoria, grab a beer or twelve. You've got some catching up to do.

- Trent



Derkhealden, the Capital of Achoria, was a poor logging town nestled in one of the few passes through the hills to Creathorne. Now with the desertification of Achoria, I always envision it being a tent village with a typical middle eastern flavor. The "keep" for lack of a better term has always been a wooden palisade fort on a rise that overlooks the town. Trent lives in a traditional nordic hall located inside the walls of the fort.


Coleraine was a mining town, similar style to Derkhealden. Now probably another tent village, but I'm sure the mine is still there in the sand.

Achorian Outposts

Achorian outposts are of the same style as the fort in Derkhealden.