The Eastern Alliance



The default capital of the Eastern Alliance is the capital city of the nation who's lord is the Lord Administrator. In the first few years of the alliance, the capital was Pax-Rowana the capital of East Gate. Today the Lord Administrator of the Eastern Alliance is General Sparks of Coregen and so Corgen's capital of Dalandro is the capital of the Eastern Alliance.

Dalandro is located in the heart of Corgan's mainland. The city was wracked by a freak hail storm some years ago but today evidence of the damages is all but gone. For the most part, the city is not the safest place for foreigners. In prior times this meant anyone that was not Corganite but today it means anyone who is not Eastern Alliance. There are special laws that allow the mistreatment of foreigners in certain areas of the city. Although paints a savage picture on the people of Corgen, they tend to be a proud people with seemingly limitless ambition and courage.

Delandro's official buildings are located on the northwestern end of the city closest to the Grand Fortress of Tor. This district of the city is an enclosed compound filled with various embassies and other stone government buildings. The cities center is made up of two and there story stone buildings constructed in the new fashion. This part of the city is lively and never sleeps. Outside of the city center, the stone buildings lessen in size and height until the eventually the entire construction style changes over to a more traditional Corgonite stone, plaster, wood, and thatch style.

The original capital of the Eastern Alliance was East Gate's capital of Pax-Rowana but after East Gate's king Lord Elden Stronghammer fell ill and the Administrator seat switched hands, Dalandro became the new capital. Pax-Rowana is a city ringed by mountains with a wide valley permitting easy entry from the east only. Pax-Rowana was the last city constructed by the now fallen Rowan Empire. It was intended to be the pride of the Row at the empire's height and still has much of its original construction intact. The city also grew since then though in an East Gater Neo-Rowan style.


The Lord Administrator

The current Lord Administrator is General Sparks of Corgen. He is the second leader of the alliance since its conception. The first was King Elden Stronghammer of East Gate. King Stronghammer stepped down after contracting a mysterious ailment which had rendered him bedridden for the last several years. General Sparks is a capable leader in his own right. Sparks has been handling the policy of the alliance for the majority of its existence. Under his administration, the alliance has thwarted a major pirating problem and gained territories further west: Kira and Eastlake.

The Alliance

The Eastern Alliance is a financial organization of independent nations. The Lord Administrator speaks for the Alliance but, has no direct authority over the lords of alliance nations. The alliance hopes to promote prosperity for its members using specialized trade agreements and enforcing it by force when the need arises. Alliance-wide security is always a factor when considering potential profits and profit loss. The Lord Administrator generally oversees the control of alliance-wide security threats but does not always interject in conflicts.

The Eastern Alliance currently has a special agreement with the pirate nation known as the Gram Collective. This agreement brings a halt to all pirating actions of Eastern Alliance waters made by members of the collective. This agreement is not popular among the pirates of the east and many have defected from the Collective as a result. They have been named Renegades. The Renegades have shifted their pirating westward since.

Nations of the Alliance and Affiliated Territories

-Kingdom of Eastgate


-Corgen (Lasseles)

-Kingdom of Mythgul

-Kingdom of Lasanda

-Kingdom of Kira