To the people of the realms:

I, Tallon of Neden, on behalf of the lands of and those claiming to be members of the sovereign country of Neden do hereby surrender to Malakai and the Nation of Folkestone effectively ending a war that has lasted almost a decade.
I do this of my own free will and are of clear mind and untainted spirit. Furthermore I believe this to be in the best interest of the few remaining members of Neden.
Persons in Neden have been told to stand down. No further hostility will be made by members wearing our colors. I have been guaranteed this order will be echoed by Folkestone until a mutual stand down is complete.
Our borders will then be opened as we welcome the occupation by Folkestone. Until further notice by Malaki, or his appointed delegate, the country of Neden will be governed by Folkestone.

Until a charter is prepared we will be following the rules, regulations and code of conduct put forward by the "Free Nations"
I would like to thank Sir K and the country of Blackwood for hosting this meeting on neutral ground, without prejudice.

Thank you Jaha of Grimloch for your guidance and council. You are truly a strong leader.
Thank you to Maliki and the people of Folkestone. I embrace the opportunity you have given us and look forward giving back to a community that has given to us.

Of and on behalf of Neden