The Barony of Nahlistan is located on a sandy desert-like island in the Kingdom of Simila. Its inhabitants are devouts of the Sacra (Acra) faith. Those who cross their faith are often met with outrage and sometimes violence.

Current Baron: Lord Dralnu Mordigen

Jafar: Karriem Ja'Ahmennen

Recent History

Tournements of Nobility 1,2: Solvo Ter'ak wins AEben and Vin (Sage) Mordigen wins Nahlistan.

New Blood: After a Star Alliance/Demon Slayer mission to the Blood Realms, Lord Vin Mordigen comes back changed. He immediately beggings flying New Blood Banners and soon after has his friend in AEben doing the same. This brings a year-long conflict between the regents of Valahn (Hazuki Sown) and Ju'sem (Demethyl Heltalani). Before the last two baronies are won, Lt. Liam of the Star Alliance Army leads an invasion force into Nahlistan to kill, the now New Bood lord and Star Alliance defector, Lord Vin Mordigen. He is unsuccessful.

Tournaments of Nobility 3,4: Arxis Dar'tangon wins Valahn and Ilkana Blackcloak wins Jusem.

The Empire of Coastaar attacks Arxis and then Sir Liam in Valahn. Ilkana divorces her Blackcloak husband and marries the King of Shimabora becoming queen. She soon after is with child.

Lord Vin embarks on a mission with his supporters, namely Lord Solvo and Malfeareon, to Falnore where he performs massive rituals to strip the Blood Knight of his divine items. At the end of this massive conflict, Clavious High Priest of Bob the Blood Knight convinces Vin that he has a choice. Vin throws down New Blood's colors.

Lord Vin falls into a deep depression and tries burn the world but magic fails. The Knights of Arkendrose corner him in Nahlistan so, to save himself, Lord Vin gives his soul to the Temple of the New Light corrupting him further. The Knights leave him be.

The Temples rival, the Church of the New Light, attacks the temple destroying it and relinquishing Lord Vin of his bonds to the New Light.

Lord Vin Mordigen Kills himself and leaves the barony in the hands of his friend Druger until his heir Dralnu is ready to take over.

Crown Tournament of Simila: The team of Vazgar Dor'Voxin, Norctair Dor'Voxin, and Perina sweep the tournament in support of the absent Lord Arxis of Valahn. Druger is there to support Nahlistan but loses.

Crowning of King Arxis: Dranlu receives the Sword of Nahlistan from Druger taking his birthright.

Lord Solvo of AEben convinces Lord Dralnu to fly New Blood colors once again.

The War of West Coastaar: Lord Solvo and Lord Dralnu convince the King, with the support of Lord Malro, to allow them to take Similan forces to West Coastaar to fight the Empire. The war is bloody but Simila comes out on top while losing no living men in battle.

The invasion of the Lands of Armend: Solvo and Dralnu earned the support of the people and declared Jihaad on the Ork/Goblin nation. (Ongoing)