The Ambassador Archive 1018

Mythodea / The Great Road by Dagger


Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser's road commision is complete!

While the road is not yet officially named, after over nine months of steady work, the Realm of Roses extension of the Sandrosenstrasse or Sandrosen Road is complete. The road runs from the Fiefdom of Schönweiler, along the Blauer Strom river then cuts westward over the Rosen Plateau until it connects to the Western Seal at the Westrosen Pass. 

The Margrave Balor of Zweiwasser commissioned the road's construction at the end of the previous year. Ambassador Dagger had been invited to treat with the then Baron, now Margrave, to discuss Balor's desire to have Dagger take over the road contract. Dagger brought with him his assistant Raelene Skie of Sapphire Isle and together a plan was set. The road would be constructed and the ambassador would lead the construction, under the guidance of Balor, until its completion. With one setback occurring about a month before the Summer Campaign, the road was finally completed in the early fall as it can be seen here on the current Mythodean Map.

Ambassador Dagger and Raelene Skie worked tirelessly to organize and plan the construction of the road. In doing so, the Embassy hired merchants and tradesmen mostly out of the Schönweiler region forming the East Blackwood Company. The formation of the company was made official during that spring festival known as the Convent of the Elements.  

Bicolline / Le Renouveau d'une Nation - Soire'e Taverne by Sir Shean


I arrived in Nasgorath for the coronation of the new Queen. The festivities during the night were fun and eventful. I did not have any responsibilities so it was very nice to socialize with friends. Myself , Simon Goodfellow and "the Gun" from the Horse and Hound traveled tougher and met up with about 3 Ragnarok members. Not many in attendance for this gathering from the Empire. The general of Helloquins, the ministry are all here, myself and the small number of Ragnarok. Some regulars from La'mute and Berkwald , and other similar places I run into a lot.

I did get to talk to Krysto for some time about dancing next month for our party. The Emperor was supposed to show up but he did not come because the Skaven King was there and the Emperor does not like him so he did not come. I was introduced to a Blue woman that comes from beneath the sea "Aude Sunrise." It was an unusual occurrence I have seen her around the Ragnarok gatherings and in town on occasion. I had to Have the Ragnarok alchemist that was with me interrupt because I do not speak her language and she does not speak any common at all. She put in my hand a kind of soft metal that was Silver in color, sort of spikey like when you drop some hot silver on the floor and when it cools and you pick it up how it is splattered and sharp etc. She closed my hand around it and held my hand closed around it for a few minutes then opened my hand it had turned to a liquid... Pretty crazy stuff, it is called "Gallium" have never seen or heard of it, no idea what its function is, or it's worth.. Worth looking into but pretty cool stuff. I have seen some of the "blue men" around but never really deal with them at all... It was a good gathering and a fun night

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

Lord of Creathorne

Guild Master of the Realms Embassy 

Realms / Nedengiving by Sir Shean


Every year for the past three years the Nation of Neden hosts their feast and carnival, Nedengiving. It is a celebration of all that has been achieved in the past years and it is also a charitable event. For those veterans less fortunate than the attendees, Nedengiving seeks to collect food in their stores to be donated to them.

Aside from the food and "Plated Cranberry Sause," the main attractions were the Nedsonian Museum and the Neden Carnival.


Once again on behalf of Neden, we thank you our friends of the Realms for braving the weather and cold and heading to the wild wild north to Neden for our annual feast of thanks.

We had some great fights, fun games were played, prizes were one, food was consumed and we witnessed excellent performers. We saw, singers and poets we heard why you were all grateful, we presented award-winning cranberry sauce to our Kazoo Compatriot and we all gorged on Sir Naj's excellent spread.

It is my hopes that you enjoyed yourself and that you will return in one years time when we try to up the ante and bring you even more extravagant fun and merriment.

Thank you again for your company see you all soon.

Love and Respect

- Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary

I arrived at Nedengiving around noon, the site was mostly set for visitors to arrive. The first food course came out around 1 pm and the food kept coming all day and into the evening. There were carnival games to earn tickets for the raffle prizes. Some being very strange and exotic, one being a doll that apparently is being kept in the hallway to not keep the winner awake at night. There were meatballs in a sauce, salad, various pasta dishes, various vegetable dishes, ham, turkey even a large helping of cranberry sauce that one attendee hates that was presented directly to her with compliments. All in all great conversations, some good trading, some presents and lots of good food.

- Sir Shean O'Quinnlin Lord of Creathorne Guild Master of the Realms Embassy

Realms / Order of the List Invitational 7 by Sayeh


After taking last year off, the Order of the List Tournament returned with renewed vision and some new challenges.

Sixteen individuals have worked hard throughout the year at different tournaments racking up points to decided who is the top fighter in the Realms, and after a long twelve hours of combat, one winner is decided.

At the end of the year the final Standing and their points was as follows;

  1. Vuel - 52
  2. Torolf - 39
  3. Daekara - 37
  4. Drike - 20
  5. Rillan - 18
  6. Jericho - 13
  7. Tao - 11
  8. Runaris - 9
  9. Shader - 9
  10. Saegan - 6
  11. Lupa - 5
  12. Therian - 4
  13. Ace - 3
  14. Tmanicus - 3
  15. Nazir - 2
  16. Swoop - 2

And the final season standings were as follows;

  1. Vuel - 52
  2. Torolf - 39
  3. Daekara - 37
  4. Drike - 20
  5. Rillan - 18
  6. Rawlin - 15
  7. Jericho - 13
  8. Tao - 11
  9. Runaris - 9
  10. Shader - 9
  11. Jack of Redwall - 7
  12. Saegan- 6
  13. Lupa- 5
  14. Therian- 4
  15. Ivory- 4 

16. Bart - 4

17. Ace - 3

18. Damion - 3

19. Tor - 3

20. Tmanicus - 2

21. Swoop - 2

22. Nazir - 2

23. Tulli - 2

24. Nos - 2

25. James Swift - 2

26. Loken - 1

27. Cinnabar - 1

28. Gooseryss - 1

29. Belloq - 1

30. Meds - 1

The first round of fights took place in two separate rings pitting fighter against fighter, each fight a chance to show off their skill in different weapon skills; Short sword, longsword, sword and shield, sword and marn, florentine (two weapons), even daggers. There were three chances each fight to rack up points for every victory, and a chance to fall behind for every defeat. The battle to make it into the top eight spots before the first cut brought about action from both corners of the field, and spectators watched as the standings changed with each weapon style change.

The second round cuts were made, and the top eight fighters were drawn.

  • Vuel
  • Seagan
  • Ace
  • Drike
  • Daekara
  • Shader
  • Theiran - Then Lord Sir Tao
  • Torolf

After an injury on the floor in the second round, Sir Theiran took himself out, putting Duke Tao into the top eight standings.

In this round, fighters faced new challenges that involved strategy. Secret new challenges were made, some with names none we had never heard of that required instruction from marshals briefly to explain. A new challenge was named Vuel's Vendetta after he was the victor of the new challenge. These less common forms of combat challenged each fighter until the top 3 fighters were determined.

Then, just when you thought each cut meant it was the end for all the fighters who didn't make it in the first two rounds, comes the wild card.

The wild card tournament was run a little different this year, but it remained true to its roots. All fighters except the top three competed, and for every kill, they gained a point, whoever had the most points in the end, could challenge the person standing in fourth place for the right to compete against the top three.

After a wild ten minutes of stabbing and running, Rillian came out as the victor with 49 victories and won the right to challenge Daekara for the right to fight against the top three. Blackwood's Lord Torolf was close behind him with 46 victories. Rillian proved himself and was able to displace Daekara to challenge the top three, Drike, Seagan, and Vuel.

However, it was not enough in the semi-finals for Rillian as in the end Drike pulled an upset and pulled into the second place position, and Seagan eventually fell into fourth place bringing our final two best fighters of the year to standoff between Drike and Vuel.

The final round between Drike and Vuel was to challenge their stamina, 3 fights, 7 rounds, best of 3 sets of 7 won Order of the list. Both were very evenly matched fighters and most knew that it would all come down to who wanted that championship more. Keep in mind these men had been fighting up until this point for almost eleven hours.

In the end, Vuel was victorious, and Drike was the runner up for the seventh season of Order of the List, but once a victor of Order of the List, you can never compete again. Thus, next year is anyone's game, and could be Drike's chance to claim victory... or anyone else who makes the cut in Order of the List.

Mythodea / Münzfest 2 by Dagger


This past weekend, the East Blackwood Embassy and East Blackwood Company visited Goldwacht for the Münzfest. It was the hope of Ambassador Dagger that he could further discuss the state of affairs concerning their conflict with the Seal Empires. Varn and his companion Layla arrived in Goldwacht first as Dagger had issues with his horse and carriage. When the Ambassador and Leader of the East Blackwood Company did finally arrive, it was late into the night on the first day of the festival. Still, this provided enough time to officially recruit Layla, Varn's companion, and speak to various people within the Münzquell about the ongoing situation.

Trade Relations

During several conversations with the Münzquell's trade minister Féwaé Méllinar Vitèz of the Leckerlis, Dagger learned what the Herold could have told him, the rest of Mythodea was following the Western Seal's trade ban on Münzquell. With most of Mythodea seemingly committed to the Embargo, it looks to be that the Münzquell is in for a harsh winter on the Bay of Heoylsos. As the Embassy must take a somewhat neutral stance in Mythodean politics so as not to harm Blackwood and Realms interests, there is little the Embassy, or the East Blackwood Company can do for Goldwacht. Still, if there is something that can be done for the people of Goldwacht without doing harm to the embassies and or the East Blackwood Company, the E.B.Co will do it.

An example of the Trade Embargo appears in the Mytrasperan Herold as shown here:

Trade embargo against Münzquell - (As written in The Mytrasperan Herold)

The Realm of Roses announces that the trade ban decided by the Sovereign Council will be enforced immediately until revoked. This means that all deliveries of goods not approved by the court over land or over sea sovereignty of the empire are punishable by law.

Violation of this rule could result in the confiscation of the goods. Upper limits for smallest trade quantities are to be inquired in writing at the Reichskämmerei. As a rule of thumb, it may be considered that all quantities of goods which are useful to supply a larger

grouping or an entire city are affected by the trade prohibition, primarily customs cleared goods according to Pan-Mythodean trade agreement.

Bc Gerd Federknecht, scribe of the Reichskämmerei

Diplomatic Relations

During the Embassy's stay in Goldwacht, Ambassador Dagger had many long conversations with various people of the Münzquell on the subject of their situation in relation to the Ruler's Counsel of Mythodea. In general, there were two primary beliefs that came forward during these discussions. Dagger personally presented the arguments he had acquired in the North, West, and Realm of Roses as the opposing view. The embassy took no position itself rather than to discuss the views of the Münzquell and the rest of Mythodea.

The General Mythodean Argument apears to paint the Münzquell as akin to invaders with a different religious belief system than their own. As was described to Ambassador Dagger during the Summer Campaign this year by an officer of the Northern Empire, "The Münzquell have effectively taken a city belonging to the Ruler's Counsel, claimed it as their own, declared it autonomous and self-governing and asked that their decisions and actions be respected by the Ruler's Counsel."

To the Seals, their Archons and their Nyames, the Münzquell are invaders who demand their freedom to do so. They have refused the authority and rulership of the Counsel. They have even spoken blasphemy against the religion of Mythodea as a whole. In this the Beloved Children of the Elements are also against the actions of the Münzquell. The threat of a siege of Goldwacht remains ever present.

The beliefs of the people of the Münzquell seem to take two paths. One is more extreme and the other more compromising. Some of the Münzquell believe very strongly that the time of the Ruler's Council is over and that Archons and Nyames no longer hold the power to dictate law upon other settlers who have not sworn fealty to them. Through their Golden Heritage, the Münzquell seem to believe that it is the time of mortals and therefore the Quihen Assil are not those who the faithful should communicate with, rather one should directly communicate with the Kral Urien. To many in Mythodea, this belief is considered blasphemy. Indeed, talks of war are common.

Yet there are those among the Münzquell who believe in compromise. They feel that their continued existence requires concessions with the Ruler's Counsel. With the shift in the course of fate and faith only time will tell what will become of the followers of the Golden Heritage.

Goldwacht and the Münzfest

In contrast to the ever-present gloom of potential war and financial ruin, the City of Goldwacht stood proudly as it held its second annual Münzfest. The festival boasted excellent sleeping accommodations, service, food, drink, and music. Every other person in attendance seemed ready with a tune to sing at any moment. Seafarer's games were plenty as was the courtly atmosphere strong. The smiths who were present offered lessons to those who showed interest while the taps in the tavern never ran dry. With a wedding, the Rumtopf ladies and ballroom dancing the festival was a must-see for those wishing for a break from the hardships of war and labor. Should the Münzquell stand proudly next year, the Embassy may like to visit again. As one Münzqueller wished us to remember, "The Münzquell welcome all." 

Bicolline / Quies ante tempestatem - campagne maritime Recap by Sir Shean


Fleet Defeated

On October 13, the year 1018, the Imperial Fleet suffered a major defeat which caused the loss of all our Maritime Provinces in conflict. By the Emperor's grace, we have only lost a ship, the Alexandra, from which I have been rescued by our brave fighters of the seas.

In the face of this defeat, I nevertheless wish to salute all the fighters for the courage and perseverance you exercised during this b bloody hilt. Even when the dead covered the decks of our ships and our allies were fleeing the battle, you were able to stand up to the enemy and manage to defeat him several times.

Señoras y Señores, this battle is only the beginning of the war on the seas of Bicolline. The mobilization of the Imperial fleet continues and strikes will be organized by the Imperial Maritime Company (CMI). I invite all those who can help join the ranks of our organization as soon as possible to make our enemies pay for this defeat. Indeed, during the next year's maritime elections, the Carcosa nation will support us with their ships that will be captured or reduced to wrecks ...

Admirals, Captains, and Seamen of the Empire; prepare yourself for a year that will stain the ship's hulls of the world of Bicolline red with blood that will be poured into its seas.

Long live the Empire!

Provance election results:

Estimados miembros of the Imperial Council,

Damahur Strait Franck McHard remains the lord of the province who defeated Frederick of My Fort at Quies ante Tempestatem.

Kintzheim Sea Anniel Mayol remains lord of the province following the fight against Willkin during the Quies ante Tempestatem war.

Sea of Chains Kal-El remains lord of the province having defeated Sven of Ragnarok during the war Quies ante tempestatem.

Central Sea At Quies Ante Tempestatem, Seth Longhiver defeated Juan Angelo Guartem of the Sierra and became Lord.

Ocean of Mists Charis d'Edenbourg wins the victory against Belle-Garde Winner in the Quies ante Tempestatem War for the title of Lord. She replaces Sister Bérangère....///

Ship damage report:

Alexandra - The Alexandra received damage to her structure during the war Qiues ante Tempesatem. The ship sunk and became a Starkadh wreck During the Quest Ante Tempestatem war, Franck McHard managed to find enough debris to flush out enough equipment to repair his structure.

Kaiserin - The ship suffered damage to its structure but is able to repair with the debris around it.

Onyx - The ship suffered damage to its structure during the Quies ante Tempestatem war.

Leviathan - The Ship suffered damage to its structure but managed to repair with the debris during the war Quies ante tempestatem.

Big Silver - The ship suffered damage to its structure but managed to with the debris during the Quies ante tempestatem war.

El Croquetti - The ship received damage to its structure, but the captain is able to repair with the debris around during the Quest ante Tempestatem war.

The Jezebelle - The ship received damage to its structure during the war of Quies ante Tempestatem.

El Spectacular - The ship suffered damage, but the captain managed to repair with the debris left by Quieste Tempestatem's war.

Enctares II - The ship suffered damage to its structure, but the captain managed to repair with the debris of the war Quies ante Tempestatem.

The Jezebelle - The ship received damage to its structure during the war of Quies ante Tempestatem.

Cushion Hunt - The captain's title went from Eylis to Horse Captain Alfrid Vindrardottir.

Coquine - The title of captain passed from Eylis says Captain Horse to Alfrid Vindrardottir.

HMS Gaurynam - The title of captain went from Ronux to Bastian Oseric.

Lil'Jabbress Toki Tokisson - The captain title transferred to Bjorn Hergersson.

Guisarme - The title of captain passed from Lothass to Alesio the pariah.

The Moray - The title of captain passed from Thad Eck to Barraka El Lobo.

Fork, The title of captain passed from Flint of Eastern Wood to Rudolph Von Shlaffenmark.

The Realms / Folkwood Questing Recap and Opinions


In the early fall of 1018, Sir Shean, among soldiers of Blackwood and other people of the Realms, participated in a campaign against Shape Changers and the Gray Lady were an incident transpired resulting in a conflict. Lord Sir Shean was allegedly assaulted on charges of treason against the Realms. Details on the accounts differ. The first article on the subject to reach "The Ambassador" press came from Sapphire Isle, a small island barony off the coast of the Realms.

The article was quickly responded to by Lord Jean-Louis Charles Alexandre van Heutse Weinveld, the Voice of the West who condemned the actions described in the article based on the information he had been presented at that time. This, in turn, fueled the fire of conflict and put into question the very status and position of Sir Shean as what, the East Blackwood Embassy, has described as Head Ambassador to the Realms. 

Opinion - Sapphire Isle

Attacks from Voraniss, Chimeron, and Gau Dring

In the evening hours of the event titled, "Folkwood Questing", Vernice of Sapphire Isle sat down for the evening with Sir Shean O'Quinnlin, Lord of Creathorne and Head Ambassador of the Realms Embassy. She was coming to check in on a young woman who had asked for asylum in Sapphire Isle, to make sure she was well. Sir Shean was seated at a table outside of the local tavern when suddenly a mob of armed men and women arrived.

Within this crowd were members of the tribal pack Voraniss, the nation of Gau Dring, and the kingdom of Chimeron. They came forward with charges that Sir Shean committed crimes against the Realms. They claimed that Sir Shean actively tried to thwart their progress to destroy their enemies throughout the day, and take items needed to complete a ritual that would have ended their conflict.

Sir Shean denied all charges, saying that their information was skewed and untrue. He also showed proof that during the day he obtained a time assassins ledger, a northern paladin's helmet, and personally killed a time lord while others with him killed time assassins thus damming a "Gray Lady's" plans. The arguments continued for some time, and meanwhile a threat - said to be a warning - was sent out that if anyone was innocent in this act, that they should leave now. Vernice knew that Sir Shean was unarmed, so, therefore, there was no reason for anyone to attack him since he posed no threat to anyone's life. In fact, many men of Blackwood - one being Lord Bones - were even asked by Sir Shean to stand down, but refused to leave him and protected him from the armed angry mob. 

After some time of the accusations and negotiations not moving forward, Sir Shean got up from his place at the table to go into the tavern and get a cake to share with those around him. Vernice who had been sitting beside him watched as Sir Shean got up and moved in front of the table and therefore in front of her. It was then, that Voraniss and Chimeron attacked an unarmed Sir Shean. The attack was unprovoked and unnecessary since there was no threat made to anyone's well being. It is unclear if Gau Dring made any motions to attack, as Lako was seen staying out of the fight. Vernice who did not join in the fight and remained seated at the table was also attacked even though Sir Shean was in front of her and some distance away, also unarmed and also not attacking or inciting any violence. Sir Shean once again said that the charges were false and that the seer spells used that day to accuse him were skewed, and in the end, went into the tavern to serve cake for all... but the mob left while he was cutting and serving it. Vernice has made it clear that due to the unprovoked attack, that she will be making the Baroness, Sayeh, aware of what happened when she returns from Mythodea.

- Vernice of Sapphire Isle

Opinion - Western Seal

Condemnation of Aggression Against Diplomat

This is a reaction to the events between Sir Shean O'Quinnlin, Lord of Creathorne, Head Ambassador of the Realms, and a mob composed of a tribal pack Voraniss, the nation of Gau Dring, and the kingdom of Chimeron.

It should be obvious that in international politics ambassadors and diplomats play a pivotal role, and that diplomatic privilege is an integral part of not only the upholding of relations between realms and kingdoms but also one of the keystones of a self-respecting, civilized nation.

The Western Seal of Mythodea wishes this to be known: Any affront to this privilege is unacceptable, detestable and to be strongly condemned. While this does not only count for the case of his Excellency Sir Shean, this is the latest example to show us that diplomatic privilege should be supported and defended at any cost. The Western Seal urges the parties responsible to take action: To prevent any further infringement on the privilege of appointed diplomats and to punish accordingly any perpetrators past, present, and future.

- Lord Jean-Louis Charles Alexandre van Heutse Weinveld,

In name of his Majesty the Archon and her Holiness the Nyame, Lord Voice of the West, etc, etc, etc

The response we received in counter to the claims of Sapphire Isle and the condemnation written by the Voice of the West, details the events as seen by Lakomasoi Nuntiak the Lord of Gau Dring. Lako also describes the state of magic within the Realms which is often in sharp contrast to other lands such as Mythodea. Here at The Ambassador, we feel it is important to suggest that the actions described as "killing someone" is more akin to an attack on them as typically the state of "death" does not become permanent as it does in other lands as the magic that flows through the Realms is strong and steady. - The Ambassador

Opinion - Gau Dring

Letter to Jean-Louis of the Western Seal of Mythodea

Lord Jean-Louis Charles Alexandre van Heutse Weinveld,

As Lord of Gau Dring and the speaker for those events which took place, let it be known the acts taken against Shean O'Quinnlin, who was not at this time acting as a Diplomat or ambassador to the Realms, but rather as another adventurer with us that weekend. Our actions were in response to an offense taken against the Nations represented there. The day and night this aggression happened Shean was responsible for the destruction of several Shrines of the locale we were in, as well as weakening the powers we were using to fight a common enemy.

Later that night he was seen by myself and others to be communicating with an enemy attempting to barter a deal with them for his own means. As the night progressed we found ourselves in a large field fighting a pack of Shapechangers who are in essence corrupted Were-creatures. This is an ongoing enemy we have had a number of larger fights with and have not come out on top. This night we had the chance to weaken this foe, through Shean's actions of theft we were left without needed materials to complete our task. He had taken needed artifacts and left us in a field fighting this enemy for 2+ hours, none knew these pieces had been stolen.

It was after we had failed in our endeavor and the Enemy had become stronger than we learned we had been betrayed. As a collective four separate groups gave over Magics and resources to learn what had gone wrong, each group was given the same conclusion. Shean O'Quinnlin had been the one to steal the artifacts needed and left with them.

After discussing how to handle the situation the Nation of Voraniss, Gau Dring, and Chimeron decided to take action. We found Shean at the local tavern enjoying himself with his nation and friends. We confronted him with our information and informed those around that if things were to turn into fighting they should remove themselves if they saw fit, a number of people did. After questioning him and again casting magics to confirm our information, Shean was asked very directly if he had stolen the artifacts, and he refused to answer. He was given the option of a truth serum, which he refused to take.

In short, he was given every opportunity to clear himself of a matter the Gods, the Stars and the Threads of Reality had confirmed for us took place. He did not opt for that route, it was at this point through no ease of my own I called for his death. Now I understand customs in other realms and worlds may be different than our own, however, in the Realms the custom in a situation like this is to not ask questions, to not give the person the chance to answer. Instead in our lands, it is very Custom to kill someone outright and destroy their body to where the soul can no longer recognize it and is sent to the afterlife. Our three Nations opted out of that.

I chose not to have Shean's body destroyed in this fashion, this is in recognition of the Knighthood at the time I believed he was part of, it is against their tenants to destroy a body in such a manner. I have since been informed he is not part of this knighthood. However we as a group could not let it slide the act that was taken against us, we ensured that his Nation members who died defending them were either knocked out instead of dying or were brought back to life. No adventurer there stopped Shean from being brought to life and none kept him down afterward and he was allowed to go on with his night. For the threat of death, destruction and potential slavery that Shean enacted on us, we gave him five minutes of time in death.

Those Groups gathered there are working toward a better Realms, one where swinging the sword is not the first response, one where we all work together toward a common goal. Shean is a from an older Realms, where death and swords are the first and usually only language known to anyone he deems beneath him. These thoughts are a relic of the past and we work toward a place where thought and word are what come first.

It has been brought to my attention that our lands work differently when it comes to the ways of death, magic and the influence of Gods. Please understand in our lands people can die every day and be brought back to life with ease, this can be done hundreds of times without exhausting the person being killed or the one raising. As for our Magics they are plentiful and powerful, many of us myself included have direct connections with our gods and can use our wide array of magics to garner insight and truth. We have seers who can use their magics to delve into situations to find out what really happened. I myself am able to see the threads of reality and see how things take place, my High Mage is able to divine information from the stars. Please understand that we did everything within our powers to confirm this information to be true.

Lakomasoi Nuntiak
Lord of Gau Dring
Solitaire of Harlequin
Herald of Aerst, The First Reality Dragon

Shortly after the publication of Lakomasoi Nuntiak's response to the Voice of the West, Sir Shean had this to say on the subject.

Opinion - Sir Shean

Letter to the people of Mythodea

Dear Residents of Mythodea,

I write as a personal response to articles written concerning actions take agents me personally not as any attack on The Realms Embassy or diplomatic issues as a whole. Some of what has been communicated is very incorrect and actually lies to cover up improper actions.

In Response to any allegations to any actions of myself alone working agents The Realms are untrue. I stand by every answer I gave at the "inquisition" in front of the tavern in Folkestone. I was asked to take a poison which I refused because all poisons KILL YOU. It is a poison not a serum all poisons I have ever ingested have always killed me that is why I do not take them. "If it has come to the point of taking a poison, nothing I say can change your opinion". Spells can be cast to get specific answers, answered the way they want, to get the answers they seek. But simply a spell can be cast and just asked if I lied at any point of the inquisition and lets go with that answer.. I did not refuse to answer any questions, I did not steal anything. NOTHING I quested [for] and got was ever asked for me to give to anyone. I had 3 nations come up to me and accuse me of working against "The Realms" where they do not work with anyone outside of their small mindedness not seeing the BIG picture of any of their actions. They swung on me when I had no weapons and showed no aggression. They attacked me when I got up and announced I was going into the tavern to get cake and moved to the front of the table. They demanded people get up and leave the table or they would also be swung on, no one got up and left as the letter claimed. The ones that did stand up and take out weapons "I" asked to please stand down. They refused to do so because they saw what was happening to be wrong. I did not attack anyone; I did not have any weapons to do so.

I was also accused of hitting an alter with a weapon "We saw you hit it with a weapon" where I did not "I" personally took apart carefully the alter encase It was wrong to do so and it could easily be re assembled. Instructions we have been given how to do by the forest keeper the year before for tainted alters having Salt on top of the soil and I confirmed we had done the right thing when I saw him in the woods that day. I was confronted by Voraniss "Did you touch any alters?" after that [I] admitted to what I had done and had been threatened to not touch alters or "it will come to blows".

I did not Touch any other alters the rest of the time in Folkestone because I was far too busy to do so not because of the threat. But the Chimeronions that lied, I called out as telling lies no matter what their rank was /is and stand behind calling them out for lying 100%.

"I" supposedly was working against The Realms all day where in fact I was with the Knights of the Steward supporting them and a nation member who is the Knight Commander of that Knighthood where I personally killed the Time Lord and, as a group, we killed the Time Assassins and Recovered the Northern Paladins Helm and the ledger thus weakening the efforts of those supporting the Gray Lady and supporting The Realms more than most who did anything that day. I was able to show that evidence and had witnesses to back up what I had said most being Knights and or Squires of an order other than the one I am part of.

It was very clear when the mob arrived no matter what was going to be discussed I was going to be attacked. Nothing I was going to say was going to clear my name or anything I was going to be accused of doing. I was given a heads up the mob was coming and [I] could have run. I was told that they discussed in a field how nothing was going to stop them from attacking me. I Stayed to face the mob with NO weapons, although I do come from a time where attack first and ask later was a time. I have been working hard to use other means and was the one attacked not attacking...

What has happened since: I have spoken with the Leader of Voraniss and now Creathorne and Voraniss have a non-aggression Treaty, I believe the same as they have with Blackwood now. We also discussed how the mob was incited and coordinated by 1 person who had asked Veranis to back him up. They did not know the big picture and what all had transpired that quest.

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

Lord Of Creathorne

Knight of Dragonsbane

Knight Commander of the Order of Red Dragons

Knight Commander and Founder of the Knights of Creathorne.

Guild Master of The Realms Embassy


As of this time the conflict has appeared to die down. Sir Shean is alive and well and the conflicts between Creathorne and other nations of the Realms has been returned to its pre-conflict status. The Ambassador received another perspective on the subject from Lord Valur "Bones" Gurg of Idaris and the Squire Tempest of Voraniss which paint a different picture than the one described by both Sapphire Isle and Gau Dring. It is fair to say that the truth likely rests with the gods. We at The Ambassador do not seek to make any claims to the accuracy of these stories as they were not experienced first hand by The Ambassador staff. Instead, the articles herein have been opinion pieces written from various parties of the conflict. We wish only to keep our readers as informed as possible while providing an outlet for international communication. 

Thank you from your The Ambassador staff

Bicolline / LA SOIRÉE DES MONARQUES - TAVERNE Recap by Sir Shean


Destruction of a palisade

Tsanupe Palisade - Nine hundred- Following a hasty departure from Ozame, some time ago, several good people from Vieux-Chêne had spent the winter on the domain of Sansverchamps in Andore.

Indeed, during the summer season, they had climbed the stronghold of Dacians to help build the first buildings of the Ratatosk guild and form a group of explorers. If frank camaraderie, mutual aid, and cider had been well felt during construction, the sudden and severe arrival of winter had forced all these good people to take refuge in the same cottage just finished. What was to happen happened, the tension and pride gradually increased during the cold season, so much so that the two clan chiefs launched perpetual challenges:

"I bet that my men will be able to put down yours without even putting on their armor. - "Yeah," well I think that yours will not even be able to defend a hostel against mine ".

These childishnesses had quickly grown too large proportions so that the peasants and artisans of the neighborhood had begun to bet food, alcohol, and chores on which was the strongest. Some noble and friends of both clans had even offered their support to help their favorite. There was even talk of a legendary parchment of "silver wheats" that would be given to the leader who dominated his opponent.

Obviously, the elite of Centouille would come to support the county of their most beautiful barony in the world, only counterbalanced by that of Geuzeville County Tarascon, also stung in their pride.

The melting of the snows and the return of the milder temperatures had imposed the harsh reality of the words pronounced several months before. It was no longer possible to go back and this is how the two guild leaders found themselves face to face on a battlefield and the people who found it all pretty funny at first, was hiding now as best they could she could not be the victims of an uncontrollable conflict.

September 22nd Realms Embassy took the field with a small contingent of men, Ragnarok also fielded a similarly small number that took to the field. We were assigned to guard some strategic positions during several engagements the Leader of Ragnarok broke various weapons as did a few other of his men. I believe one pike and three poleaxes were lost. Several of the positions became overrun and a tactical retreat was done putting us into the towns. In such close quarters, many of those fighting in the alleyways and cramped streets the combat reverted to knives and daggers being used only. The forces we were fighting with did very well with this fighting and we were able to fight our way back to more open areas but with depleted forces, We believe that the opposing forces did better than us fighting for Ratatosk.

That evening in the tavern much of what happened at the Grand battle was being discussed some reports came in with some of the destruction the Empire preformed on Haldorf back in August. Apparently what damages they received was quite devastating rumor has it all of their defenses are gone and most of their production facilities are also destroyed, crops burned etc. When I discussed with Emperor Karl what all had happened to the opposing forces, he just smiled ...

The Realms / Feast of Blackwood Recap by Sayeh


In the fall of the common year 1018, the Kingdom of Blackwood held their annual Feast of Blackwood.  

Blackwood Court and Feast of Blackwood

The Feast of Blackwood marks the turning of the seasons, as summer comes to a close and the harvest begins to show it's bounty. Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle returned home just in time for this occasion, prepared to make announcements of what happened while she was away for most of the summer in Mythodea.

However, it would seem like many things have gone a miss. She was informed of the attack on Sir Shean, Lord of Creathorne and Head Ambassador of the Realms Embassy, as well as how her sister, Vernice was caught in the middle of the fight. She had not been able to go home yet to see her sisters, and therefore did not have the full story as of yet. It seems that some matters will have to be clarified with Vernice, Voranis, and Chimeron at a later time.

Court was called, and most of the Lords of Blackwood were in attendance. His Majesty was called away often to take care of business, and so Prince Seagan was present and seem most of the time to entertain the many guests and ask for those with business at court. His Majesty made himself ready before everyone at the start of court to welcome everyone.

The Guild of Artisans was formed by some of the craftsmen/women of the Realms to help teach their skills to others. This guild includes weapons, garb, armor, leather, and other items. Currently, there are five masters of the guild.

Kal'lumdaka inducted a new member into their ranks, making her the newest member of the Kingdom of Blackwood serving under Lord Faust and Lord Meds.

Mathias took Pilpus on as a Squire to the Knights of Blackwood, even though he swore he'd never take another squire on. He surprised Pilpus with it at court not having discussed it prior, but the new squire excepted wholeheartedly and with joy.

Sayeh got up in court to announce the Blackwood and Realms Embassy in the Western Seal was at last under contract, which was met with great applause. In this moment Sayeh also asked for a moment of silence for the untimely death of Archon Karl Webber of the Reich der Rosen.

Prince Seagan made an announcement that Voranis and Blackwood made a union to work together, there are different items, some of which Sayeh was preluded to which will come about in greater details at a later date.

At the end of court it came as a surprise to some that the rumor that Sir Shean would be called up in court and stand trial for crimes committed in the weeks before did not come to be. It is unknown was will happen, and some predict that certain items will take place now at the Court of Chimeron, at the Black & White Masquerade to be held one month from now.

Bicolline / BATAILLE DE BICOLLINE - Recap by Sir Shean


In the year 1018, the Realms Embassy fielded for the Bataille de Bicolline alongside their allies Ragnarok within the Empire.

The Realms Embassy at Bicolline

This year the Realms Embassy entered the battlefield on the side of their ally Ragnarok where they fought honorably for their friends and in the name of Emperor Karl. Head Ambassador Sir Sean was awarded a medal for his bravery and effectiveness in battle by Emperor Karl.

The Inscription Reads:

"To the imperial heroes that made blood flow by way of steel fist and true faith. Their sacrifice and their hostility made the Empire March towards victory. Glory to heroes !"

Lorenzo "Swoop" Martinus Vincente Descudo

was knighted during the Bataille de Bicolline by Emperor Karl. After a long battle in the evening, many warriors who had fought for the empire were commanded to kneel and dubbed as knights.

"By order of the Emperor, let it be known that on August 14 of the year 10-18, Lorenzo Descudo was given the title of knight of the Empire for his valor and bravery on the field of battle. He is hereby bestowed with all duties and privileges befitting of his title. Long live the Empire". - Emperor Karl Von Shlaffenmark 

Ferrin Aces

was knighted during the Battaille de Bicolline by Emperor Karl. After a long battle in the evening, many warriors who had fought for the empire were commanded to kneel and dubbed as knights.

"By order of the Emperor, let it be known that on August 14 of the year 10-18, Ferrin Aces was given the title of knight of the Empire for his valor and bravery on the field of battle. He is hereby bestowed with all duties and privileges befitting of his title. Long live the Empire". - Emperor Karl Von Shlaffenmark 

Realms Embassy Bards

The Embassy had their first performance during this campaign. The Embassy Bards were commissioned to do a private party for the Conquistador Pirates for about two hours. 

Mythodea / Sommer Feldzug Recap by Dagger


In 16 Jahre n.d.E., the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy deployed to the Island of the World Forge to aid in the war and secure relations and lines of trade for the future.

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy

The Embassy accomplished many of its objectives during the Summer Campaign to the World Forge 16 Jahre n.d.E (2018). Here is a list of a few of them:

  1. Recruited young soldiers for the guard from the Family Quarter, trained with them and brought them to battle. One such soldier was port of a ritual to kill a Ration Herold.
  2. Recruited Argon Grauwolf. During the final battle of the campaign, Grauwolf wore the Embassy's colors when fighting a duel against noble of the Undead Flesh. The Embassy Guard was there to support him.
  3. Hired Gabrial for use in diplomatic missions and as a member of the guard during the final battle of the campaign.
  4. Participated in battles and somewhere Dagger championed for Viribus Unitas against champions of the Undead Flesh.
  5. Baroness Sayeh worked on relations within the Realm of Roses, namely Zweiwasser.
  6. Delivered the Formal Apologies to the Ladies of the West and East.
  7. Spoke on behalf of the Münzquell to the On-Duty officers of the North.
  8. Introduced Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle to Archons, Nyames and other peoples of status and title.
  9. Attended a wedding between the now new Protector of Lunorth and his bride the Inquisitor of the Order of the Black Sun as invited Guests. Gifts were then given creating lasting friendships between parties present.
  10. Signed the Embassy Contract with the West granting the Embassy aa physical and proper Embassy within Mythodea.

Don Anthem De'Vigil del HORD's Quest

While Dagger was resting in the field hospital near the Viribus Unitas main gate, an officer of the North rush by asking for an Alchemist. The Viribus Unitas camp was mostly empty at that time but Ambassador Dagger knew of an alchemist who happened to work for the embassy. Dagger pointed the officer toward the Embassy camp instructing him to tell Anthem Ambassador Dagger sent him and that if Anthem did a good job, he would get a bonus. Anthem took this mission.

The story of the mission as told by Adalbert the Blacksmith:

"Anthem assisted Adalbert the Blacksmith to re-forge the "Spear of Eternity." His potions, acids and other alchemical ingredients were what I needed to reshape the spear. After that, the spear was tied to 5 people, who fought Shey Ksun'Arett with it at the studio. Before the last lethal blow could be made, she teleported away. Shey tried to reach Kelriothar (the Mirror World). However, because the mirror world was already completely destroyed, she landed in the rubble of the World Forge. So, we set up a hunting party and followed her. I can say with pride that it was me who found her. Then she was killed after a bitter fight with the spearman who was tied to the "Spear of Eternity."" - Adalbert

East Blackwood Company

While the Embassy's achievements as a station of diplomatic relations may not produce endless results the East Blackwood Company tends to pick up whatever slack is left behind furthering the goals of the Embassy. Here is a list of some of the things the E.B.Co. did during this year's Summer Campaign:

  1. Pan Mythodean Trade Summit where the E.B.Co represented Lunorth in trade. The E.B.Co was also recognized by Raul the Master of Coin of the Realm of Roses for its work on the Great Road from Schönweiler in the Realm of Roses to the West.
  2. Created potential business partners in the North and with Trade House Al Habib.
  3. Insured that the Terra Tunnel Invoices would be paid by the Trossmeisterei.
  4. Delivered an invoice and gift to Terras O'Grady Windschreiter, Master of the Hanse.
  5. Met with a minister of Ad Astra to discuss potential trade within the Free City Ad Astra holds.
  6. Discussed road work and the completion of the project with the Chancellor of Zweiwasser.
  7. Delivered the great road invoice to Raul the Realm of Roses Master of Coin.
  8. Discussed the River Trade Deal with Lord Stordon von Zackenburg.
  9. Worked in trade on behalf of Lunorth working potential future deals.
  10. Discussed plans with Terras Master of the Hanse to renegotiate the contract between the Hanse and the East Blackwood Company. A possible equal partnership is in the works.

The Realms / Tournaments of Creathorne 25 - Recap by Sayeh


Tournaments of Creathorne

The 25th Anniversary

By Sayeh

After many days of travel, I arrived finally in the lands of Creathorne. With letters in hand from Ambassador Dagger, my first task upon arriving was setting up my simple little camp and doing as one would when you first arrive, say hello to friends and then usually get handed something to drink or something to sip because "you have to try this".

My mission for the Ambassador was not the only thing on my mind, we also faced a great threat. The Yellow King had returned after taking my brother of the seas, Jack, last summer, and his madness and insanity plagued many, even some of the members in the Kingdom of Blackwood. A cult was forming and banding together, and for my first night, I was without my brother's Tuilli and Axel. Celestial Beings came to aid us, and a few went through trials to become celestial warriors and champions, but before we could complete those first few tasks we were banished from the celestial realm and returned to Creathrone. Some who had joined the cult of the Yellow King spoke the name of the God of Madness and the attempt to return him, but we would not utter his name to give him more power. However, some of what happened that evening is a bit hazy since His Majesty was in a mood for revelry and asked me to drink with him, his closest court and friends. Who can refuse the King when he asks you to drink with him?

Come the morning, with no connection to the stars in the daytime, I began my work of talking to His Majesty, King Kerrell, about the plans for the embassy in East Blackwood, I produced letters written for him. His Majesty regretted to inform me that Vesper, whom Dagger had written a letter of recommendation, forfeit his challenge to become Lord of Alonis, thus making his recommendation invalid and void. Yet, His Majesty also took the time to discuss the matters on hand for funds for the embassy, and the request for gold, silver, and copper - and copper is an odd thing to request for because copper has no value in the Realms, except for maybe pots? Do they do a lot of cooking in Mythodea?

Discussions of lumber and other items of trade were also talked about amongst the lords, at least as many as I could talk to while tournaments were happening throughout the course of the day. Most of these items will be used to produce and build the port on Blackwood's claim of the Dark Isle. Soon, we will have a much larger port to protect and ships to build to make the long journey across the sea and through the fog. I kept in mind that I would say more at the Court of Blackwood, the next evening.

Nightfall came, and with it, so did Axel and Tuilli, and I told my brothers that the Yellow King had returned. Returning to the celestial realm, I did my best to spare Axel from the madness, as we tried to keep up with what was happening around us. Battles around us got even more intense as our path narrowed. I finally, with the help from Tuilli made a call for a divine force in intervene, calling upon my god to help us make this final push to the end and "blow the hull of this enemy ship open". I reminded him that The Yellow King took Jack's life, only of his followers, and now it was time to pay for what he had done. A divine gift a sanity was given to push back out enemies, and we pushed to the end to complete the final assault. Again, we found ourselves thrown into time and space, and landed back in Creathorne.

We once again enjoyed the evening and enjoyed a night of song and drink.

It was time for the largest competition in the tournaments, we call it the War Tournament, where nations fight other nations to test their strength. I did my best to push our warriors forward, and we took second place against the nation of Invictus and their compatriots. Two of our soldiers were injured in the battles against other nations, each twisting their ankles, but they later recovered.

In a meeting with Sir Shean, Lord of Creathorne and Head of the Realms Embassy, I discussed the items needed to support our presence in Mythodea. Discussion took place to secure items of gold, silver, and copper.

After awards were given I was called to court around the bonfire, and here His Majesty called me forward. He recognized me for the efforts I have put forth in my first year with the kingdom, and thus was given my full citizenship into the kingdom.

There were others recognized and elevated as well for their services to the crown, and in the matter of competition to become the next Lord of Alonis, Sir Aiden and Nova were awarded Stars of Honor, Sir Seeker was made a Stewart of Eroewan to protect and govern His Majesty's province, and Sir Torolf was named the victor and thus Lord of Alonis. Lords Nos of Heminshire and Lord Tao of Clontarf were elevated to the title of Duke. Lastly, for his services and for his steadfast loyalty and true show of leadership, Lord Sir Seagan of Acton was crowned the Prince of Blackwood and His Majesty's heir.

I was then called to court again, this time to speak on Ambassador Dagger's behalf. I asked the people of Blackwood for their aid to raise gold and silver in the coming weeks to aid in the building of our Mythodean embassy, I also asked many of them to send men or even think of one day making the journey themselves to come and help. Anthem and Earn were also recognized for their contributions and aid to the embassy, and that they should be welcomed into our family just as I had been that night as well. All this said, I gave His Majesty a seal, and explained that there are only two of these in existence. His Majesty explained that the seal would be used to conduct Blackwood business and that Dagger had one to conduct official business on the king's behalf. In the future, the Lords of Blackwood would eventually get their own seals made for each of their provinces and nations.

Finally, at the end of the night, Lord Sir Sean, His Majesty King Kerrell, and His Highness Prince Seagan, Lord Sir Mathias, and I were called into a meeting. The requests and the embassy were discussed further, and all was agreed that the refined gold, silver, and copper bars would be made to ship over to Mythodea to be made available as coin.

With this, I was informed that the request for me to go to Mythodea as requested by the Ambassador and to deliver the items, was granted. I leave the only home I have ever known to sail across an unknown sea and into a phenomenon known to me as "The Fog".

As I travel home now to Sapphire Isle to prepare myself to sail east, I think of my brothers, of my sisters, and of the kingdom, I am to leave behind. Tuilli tells me I must do whatever I can to return home by summers end and to not be lost at sea. I have not had a chance to tell Axel yet... and can't imagine as of yet what that will be.

My heart is full of fear, sadness, and excitement. I'm scared of some of the things I will see and if I will make it through the fog into this new world. I'm sad because I will be thinking of my brother's at home wondering if they're alright if they wish I was there. Yet, my excitement seems to build again at the thought of seeing Dagger again after so much time has passed. Months and months of letters and speaking for him in court has all come down to this journey, and now I have the chance to see him again and to stand at his side as I now speak for my kingdom and my homeland.