Claire Sisterhood House; Sapphire Isle/Phoenix Role; Assistant to the Innkeeper at The Knave and Swain Tavern 

Not one of the original, Claire is the newest sister in the Jade Dragon Sisterhood, some say the first exclusive sister of the Sapphire Phoenix House only. Found by Sayeh after a shipwreck, she lost her beloved at sea. Since then, she was almost kidnapped by sea creatures to be turned into a siren, but this attempt was thwarted by Tuilli, Axel, and Swoop. Since then, she has dedicated herself to keeping her new home in order. Appearance/Behavior/Markings; Black Hair, brown eyes, nervous, shy, some signs of trauma though working through that slowly, has a fear of thunderstorms and being at sea when land is not in sight, likes to clean (hates a messy house), pleasant, welcoming, usually does not like loud large crowds and roughhousing unless she's being paid to deal with it, hates drunks.