The province today aside from all this still is a haven for chaos worshippers as the sigil hints at. the hourglass and the reference of time is directed towards the journey. Rebuilding took time and as there is a balance between chaos and order in time each grows. The "reavers" is a cult dedicated to chaos worship within Najina and sacrifices are made to chaos gods here. More regularly as of late as the hatchery has had some issue with poachers. Dead dragons are put to use in the shop, however, the penalty for poaching it death and sacrifice.


Sir Bones sacrificed what was the province of Najina to the chaos god Arioch in return for the safe rescue of King K from certain demise. He disobeyed direct order doing this and for such an act temporarily was stripped of his Knights belt within the knights of Blackwood. During this time, he also felt that it was wise to put the rebuild in the hands of someone under less scrutiny. Thus, he chose his then squire Aiden (me) to be the steward of the dead province while he served his time to the king and was repaired being left in control of the dark one at the time.

Given the province was meant to be a haven within Blackwood for chaos worship this template laid the groundwork while Aiden rebuilt. Refugees of the province were housed through the long winter in other provinces while with the aid of Meds and Faust the rebuild of many villages commenced. With the permission of the king directly Aiden used all resources and research at his disposal to also add a dragon hatchery within its borders for both security and further research. Within one year's time, the province was complete again and people returned tending to the hatchery, the bacon mine, and other work.

Sometime after that, the dragons were observed to be quite adept collectors of things of value. To capitalize on this Mercenary Market was founded. It is a now traveling shop within Blackwood run by the steward (Aiden) that offers jewelry and armor to people in our game further building the revenue of Najina and Blackwood itself. This was commemorated at this last ToC with the gift to each of the Lords of Blackwood in court in the form of knight's chains given to each lord to show our unity and strength within Blackwood.