Alonis has changed hands a few times in recent years. Most recently, Sir Celest left Blackwood and attempted to place the lordship of Alonis in the hands of someone of her choosing.  This happened without the consultation of the Crown.  The King called on those who wished to be elevated to the status and position of Lord or Lady of Alonis to partake in a competition.  The winner of the competition would be granted the title of Lord or Lady of Alonis and granted those lands.  Sir Torolf was the winner of the challenge. 

Lord Sir Torolf of Alonis

Solvo Former Regent of Alonis

Solvo came to Idaris with Sir Celest when Sir Dark was uniting the provinces. As her supporter, Solvo was invited to the province of Alonis the provinces were officially united and Sir Celest was granted her own. After Celest's marriage, she left the province in Maetsyn's hands. Maetsyn withdrew from public life until the province began to erode. Seeing this, Prince K placed Solvo in the Regent's position.

Sgt. Maetsyn Onedea of the Star Alliance, Former Regent of Alonis

Mae was the High Mage of Blackwood for a time. Maetsyn started his life in the Realms as representative of the Star Alliance of Arkendrose. The gate to Arkendrose is just north of the Southern Wastes town of CrestGrath. There, Mae met Dagger Arkenstone, the town's mayor and the two, along with others, started out from there on several seasons of adventuring. It was Maetsyn who gained a fondness for the Idarins and later the reason Celest, Dagger, Rayne, and he joined. Maetyn's skills in understanding magic earned him the title of High Mage after Lord Valis's death.

Maetsyn's close friendship with Sir Celest placed him next in line to receive responsibility for Alonis. When Sir Celest married out of the nation, Mae was named regent of Alonis.

Alonis under Sir Celest

Sir Celest was the steward of Idaris and the Lady of Blackwood prior to her marriage to Karn of the Northern Alliance. After her marriage, the western Blackwood province of Alonis changed hands to Sir Celest's friend Maetsyn Onedea. After a period of poor governance care of the provence was handed over to Solvo. Maetsyn has since been removed from all leadership roles within Blackwood.

More recently, Sir Celest returned to Blackwood after the Northern Alliance broke fealty with the crown. She reassumed her lordship only to drop it again to a person of her choosing. This was not brought to the King and therefore was not put into effect. Instead, a challenge was held who's winner was given the lordship of Alonis. 

Old Sigil of Alonis