Dagger of Blackwood

Dagger of Blackwood

Dagger of Blackwood and Hemensire, Ambassador to the East, Mayor of CrestGrath, Sword to Liandra zu Wolfenau

Early Life - Oyrnlayre

Dagger washed up in the realms when his family's merchant vessel went down in a storm around the Realms year 995. With the knowledge that, Dagger´s uncle Targret Arkenstone had come to these lands years ago, the family traveled in search of him. They found him selling his wears in the lands of Rrathchllwyn at a tournament known as the Water Wars. There, the Arkenstones met a great many people, more notably House Oyrnlayre. Lady Tree, Dagger´s mother, became possessed by a powerful drow priestess and began traveling with the rogue drow house headed by Mistress Raven and Blade Master Sloan, dragging her children along with her. Dagger remained in Oyrnlayre until he was old enough to venture out on his own.

Dragon's Breath

Dagger made a few friends at the beginning of his travels that would later settle down with him when he founded CrestGrath around 1002 (https://arkendrose.webnode.com/library-of-crestgrath/town-of-crestgrath-est-1002/). One of his friends, Mace, had been proving his combat prowess among the Phoenix group Dragon's Breath and was later asked to join. Together, Dagger, Mace, and Maul joined the nation:  two days before it disbanded. With the nation of Dragon's Breath gone, an ex-member, Galleos Seaelf approached Dagger and his friends requesting that they join with him and his cause to unit land and sea. Dagger did not like the idea of a funny looking blue elf talking about water, but for some reason, he felt comfortable with him and went along anyway.


Dagger joined Galleos's new group WhiteCoast and moved to the Southern Wastes where Galleos and his people had been lent land from the Waste Runners. From there they built cities and worked to swell their numbers. They fast became one of the larger nations in the Realms numbering over thirty primary members at their height. Dagger and his mercenary friend Slim settled the Town of CrestGrath then. At first, the town was small and sparsely populated but it would grow after the nations Mythguard and Neden helped to make the area safer for common folk.

Feasts were held in the lands of WhiteCoast and the heroes of the Realms were called to do battle against the Dark Champion of the oceans. It was an odd life for Dagger but during this time he perfected the art of combat healing fast becoming one of the best combat healers in the Realms.

The Commonwealth of Independent Nations

Baron Diamond of Banecroft gathered his allies into a single counsel-headed body. This alliance lasted maybe two or so years. It was Baron Diamonds' attempt at uniting various outcast or small nations under one banner. At the same time, much of the same was being done on a larger scale with the Free Kingdoms. The Commonwealth united Banecroft, the Iron Kingdom, Fairhaven, and WhiteCoast under one banner. The Commonwealth managed to field a sizable force twice for the Queen of Hearts Tournaments of 1002 and 1003. Just prior to the 1003 Queen of Hearts event, Fairhaven backed out of the Commonwealth due to disagreements with who was supposed to run for Queen that year. Tiren was chosen from WhiteCoast as the Commonwealth's queen for the tournament.

On a high note, WhiteCoast alone fielded over 30 people (Its largest single event showing). Dagger proved his healing might then when his magic, and skill in using it, kept the Commonwealth bridge front up for 30 minutes against the Free Kingdoms team. There was a point after the battle when King Jerrod came up to Galleos and the Baron and said, "we almost thought you had us for a minute there. One more push and we would have buckled," or something to that effect.

The Commonwealth crumpled a year later after Galleos went missing and WhiteCoast began its rapid collapse. At either Creathorne 1003 or 04, the Commonwealth fielded only 4 people, Dagger being one of them. Soon after, the cities of WhiteCoast, save for CrestGrath, fell to bandits and the Dark Champions minions. Dagger was again nationless.

Years of Wandering

Over the next few years, Dagger wandered again dodging angry Grimloch members when they came near. I suppose he said something to offend them once which sparked a sort of hazing hunt for Dagger whenever the nation of Grimloch saw him. With few friends remaining in the Realms, Dagger was vulnerable. So, Dagger would often travel back to his home in CrestGrath to recruit help from the local CrestGrath populace. He brought many friends into the Realms this way; Laharl, Gnome, Rhyne, Maetsyn, Susuki, Solvo, and Celest to name a few.


Maetsyn, one of Daggers' friends from beyond the gate to Akendrose, began spending a lot of time with the people of the Blackwood province of Idaris. When Mae told Dagger he was thinking of joining Idars, Dagger instantly thought it was a great idea. Together Maetsyn, Celest, Dagger, and on accident Rayne all petitioned to join the nation. In one years' time, the group of friends from CrestGrath and beyond were made full members under Sir Dark, the Lord of Idaris.

Dagger spent a few years with his new nation, a member but never really residing there. When the armies of Zermarx attacked the Realms, Idaris fielded against them. The combined army of the Realms thwarted a Zermarx attack on Folkstone before splitting into two forces to cover more ground. Idaris remained in Folkstone with nations like Chimeron and Creathorne. With the nations of that army, Idaris marched south-west from Folkstone retaking Zula's White Griffon Casino in Kalthanos. As the Realms army marched further south-west, they came to upon Idaris only to find it infested with Zermarx's undead hordes.

Due to the damaged Planer Shield Stone, Zermarxs' minions had the upper hand in Blackwoods' undead friendly forest. The Realms force was beaten back when they attempted to retake Blackwood. The generals of the army made a decision to force march through Blackwood and onto the lands farther south where there were no shield stones to make things worse for them. This left Idaris, and the rest of Blackwood, to the armies of Zermarx.

Once at the walls of Coldsprings, the Rhiasan capital, the necromancers of Zermarx's army appeared to be a problem to Idris's undead leadership. Either the other nations on the field did not know or, chose to remain ignorant of Sir Darks' plan in dealing the enemy necromancers ability to command undead but one member of the Chimeron Royal House made a grave mistake. Sir Will Craven turned from his place on the line to tell Dagger, "Dagger, if you don't get your people off the line I will kill and scalp every last one of them". Shocked and confused, Dagger returned to Sir Dark to relay what had been said.

Sir Dark was furious and ordered Idaris to withdraw from the line, back to the Circle of Healing, well out of reach of the Zermarx necromancer´s power. There, Sir Dark seethed in anger but did nothing until his brother, Sir K of Creathorne, left the line to ask Idaris to leave the battle for fear of the threat of insider harm. This was the last straw for Sir Dark, "MY OWN BROTHER," he growled. "IDARIS, WE ARE LEAVING!"

Idaris returned to Chimeron Proper to give their report and then headed north back to Blackwood. This was an odd occurrence because Dagger did not realize that anything had changed once they got there. There was an exceptionally large number of undead there wearing Idaris colors but this had to be normal... Right? When the Realms returned to Idaris in Blackwood days later, Dagger learned the error of his thinking.

There he stood next to Sir Dark, Valis, and the rest of Idaris staring down the field at the encroaching army of the Realms. Their combined might, though weakened from days of constant fighting, was staring back. Dagger looked up and down the Idaris lines to see the Idarins had grown exceptionally in number. "Dark, Darky? What's going on? Where did all these undead come from?" Dark just smiled an evil grin and stared across the field at the bewildered force before him. "Dark?" Dagger asked again. Valis answered, "Don't worry." Then they came.

In the first instances of the battle, the Realms line broke into a charge. Kyomi, foolishly, was one of those toward the front. Dagger, confused, chased her and cut her down before he realized something was very wrong. When he looked back at the battle, the Realms force had already been decimated and had begun to scatter to the winds. The Realms attempted to regroup and try it again, but they failed over and over until they were finally broken beyond reform.

As the day came to a close, it was apparent that the Realms could not regain Blackwood. Instead they resigned to their camps. For reasons unknown to Dagger, he was handed the Mace of Romer (spelling?) and told to give it back to the Realms. Dagger took the mace and ran back to the army of the Realms. Once in sight of Realms, he was attacked and all went black. When Dagger next awoke, he was surrounded by the army. Standing closest to Dagger was Dame Fresia (spelling?) then of Creathorne. She tore off his Idaris tabard wishing to burn it in anger but Sir Kwartz of Folkstone stopped her. Kwartz explained to those gathered that Dagger´s loyalty to his nation was not a crime and thus he should not be punished for it. It was perhaps the only moment in Dagger´s life where Kwartz ever treated him with any kind of respect.

In the weeks that followed, Sir Dark had most of those sworn to him leave the lands of Blackwood under special terms which would protect those who would move to Bloodshed Forest, in Folkstone, temporarily. Kwartz granted all members asylum that chose to stay in his forest so long as Sir Dark did not leave Blackwood. Dagger chose instead to head south back to his home in CrestGrath. Dagger returned a few times that year to participate in Idaris related ventures before staying in the deep south the majority of the next few years. During this time, Idaris underwent a major transformation.


During Sir Darks' stay in Blackwood, he slowly brought the lands of Blackwood under his control once again raising the banner of Blackwood and becoming its Arch Duke. Sir Darks' glory was short-lived. While Dagger was away, he learned that Arch Duke Dark had sacrificed himself to save a woman. While Dagger felt no ill will towards this woman, he could not fathom why anyone would do something like that; least of all Dark.

With Arch Duke Dark dead, the revived nation of Blackwood was left in need of a leader. That eligible did not prove wholly capable of assuming the position and did not hold the literal claim. Arch Duke Darks' brother did. Sir Kerrel (K) was brought in, having held all the necessary titles prior, to assume the vacant position. Sir K was not well received by all; even Dagger cast him in a questioning light at first. But in time, the majority came to love and respect their new leader. 

Dagger learned that Sir K was elevated by the people of Blackwood to Prince. From this day forward, Blackwood began to regain its old holdings and its former might collecting Thorne Vally, Achoia, and Acteon under its banner. At the Tournaments of Creathorne in 1012, Dagger swore fealty to both Prince K and Lord Nos of Heminshire. He, while not always available, remains a loyal soldier of Blackwood choosing the sword now over his forgotten healing arts.

The Far East and The Void

Before venturing across the seas in search of answers, where held in the lands of WhiteCoast and the heroes of the Realms,. Dygen offered Dagger a release from the chaos god Menoch. Menoch was given position of Dagger's soul years before to protect Dagger. Once the threat was gone Menoch kept Dagger's soul. Dagger had long wanted his soul free so, the offer of such freedom was enticing. Dygen explained the tenants of the Void, what it was, what it meant to do, what it had already done. Dagger agreed to join this new religion of sorts if Dygen could defeat him in the Tournaments of the Void Arena which Dygen had placed just outside of CrestGrath to hold his competitions. Dygen agreed and defeated Dagger rather quickly. After that Dagger was cleansed of the chaos god Menoch by the Void and set free. Dagger has been delivering souls and bodies to the Void since his awakening.

After being awakened to the Void, Dagger set out from CrestGrath east across the great oceans. After some time he found land, which he so loves, and began his travels a foot. During his short time in this new world, his origin managed to make some kind of impression for Dagger found assassination orders against his lord and prince Sir K. Message has already been sent back home. Replay came some three weeks later stating that an attack had indeed taken place but was thwarted by members of the Tournament´s host nation.

Dagger venturing through a small barony fighting off a necromancer 1013

In Dagger´s first friend in the lands of the Far East, Maric, introduced him to a group of sellswords who later became known as Nögge. Eager to find assistance and protection in his travels, Dagger took a mission with the group in the land known as Selbion. The Magi of Selbion offered to pay a small some to the group for assistance in a Selbion related endeavor. Kriegmeister Horst, show below in chain and plate with a hammer, accepted the Magi´s mission for the group. During the day-long task, the Nögge group was attacked by another group who had turned trader. During the fighting Dagger was wounded and a sample of his blood was stolen. According to Horst, this blood can be used to control Dagger should Dagger return to Selbion. 

Dagger with the sellsword group Nögge early 1014

Mythodea - The Ream of Rose - Liandra zu Wolfenau and House Xarann

Not long after arriving in the Far East, Dagger mistakenly found the massive land of Mythodea. With no clear way to return to the greater Far East or the Realms of Valehaven in the West, Dagger found work as a personal mercenary to the Archon of Thornes Karl Weber. Dagger quickly began fighting in the great wars that plagued Mythodea as a member of the Realm of Roses army. He fought mainly in the South against the Untote Fleisch, Schwarzes Eis and the Oiligen Pestilenz.  

Dagger's employment under the Archon of Thornes ended when the Champion Healer Liandra zu Wolfenau met him in the capital of the Realm of Roses. She had been in the Realm of Roses to ensure that her children would be safe when she publically challenged the Nyame of the Northern Seal for her place. Dagger, having learned a great deal in the past year about Mythodea, found great value in the possibilities working for a Nyame could have if he helped her come to power. Karl Weber was already the Archon when Dagger met him so the man owed him nothing. Liandra, however, was on the rise. 

As Dagger actively supported Liandra, more battles and campaigns came. Dagger fought all over Mythodea and even ventured into the Mirror World where he nearly died several times and was corrupted once by the Doubt. All the while, Liandra zu Wolfenau worked to garner support to become Nyame of the North and to pass tests in that regard. At the Convent der Elemente, the final tests took place under the eyes of the Elements. Dagger supported here there. At the very end, all of Liandra's available supporters and House Xarann mobilized to defend her and her children pending the results of her attempts to overtake the Nyame of the North. When the decision came down that she did not achieve what she had set out to do, her gathered supporters and mercenaries formed a ring around her and her family. Together with the Zweiwasser Füßgarte of the Realm of Roses, they marched to the camp of the Western Seal where Liandra had acquired firm support. Liandra and all of her, not already affiliated, supporters were given one year and a day guest right and the protections that go with it within the territory of the Western Seal.

Before Xarann left the Northern Protectorate of Gales Morgan, they were permitted to hold their planned tournament Clashing on Armoured Plates. High ranking members nobles of the North were in attendance. Also in attendance was the Archon of Thornes Karl Weber, the Champion of Ignis Sylvana and Kupa the Beloved Child of Aieris. Dagger performed very well at the tournament winning the Weapon and Shield event and taking second in all other events he took part in. He received the Kiss of Ignis from Sylvana and Kupa's personal sigil from Kupa as gifts as a result. Immediately after the event, Dagger left for the West with Liandra and Co. 

East Blackwood Embassy and the Realms Embassy

Not long after arriving in the West, Dagger received his orders of title making him Blackwood's Ambassador to the East (Mythodea). Dagger is currently working to further establish Blackwood within Mythodea as well as connect Mythodea, the Realms and Bicolline through news and diplomacy. This new diplomatic role is a challenge for Dagger has he speaks more like a soldier of sorts than one of nobility.

Several months after being named Blackwood's Ambassador to the East, Dagger was given a letter of title by the Guild Master of the Realms Embassy in Bicolline, Ser Shean of Creathorne. This title adds the responsibility of diplomat for all of the Realms of Valehaven and not just his own nation.  

Mythodea- The East Blackwood Company and M.H.

During the Convent of the Elements (2018), Dagger of Blackwood officially founded the East Blackwood Company during a Realm of Roses Trade Summit. Because the company wished to do trade in areas of business belonging to Mythodea's Hansa organization, Dagger approached them firs and explained his idea. A contract was formed making the East Blackwood Company a daughter company to the Hanse for a year and one day. East Blackwood Company's primary goal is centered around the rivers of the Realm of Roses but they have been granted a city district, as a guild, in the northern city of Copperdale as well.