Terravino is a Pricipality made up of several baronies and a city state.






The City State of Penubra

About Terravino

The hills of Terravino house its most important export: wine.

The government of Terravino is ruled by a rather interrelated hereditary monarchy who are mostly in some way related to either each other or the prince. The seat of the Prince changes yearly to the barony which wins wine competition.

The population of Terravino is only around 133,000 people.

Recently fights are on the border between Dunkeltann and Barren rock erupted
previously only harmless border skirmishes between two rival baronies seem to be. However, the relative proximity of the large iron mine speaks on the part of Barren Felser for the it has refrained Dunkeltann it.

Military Prince City:

50 Biden hand fighter - bodyguard of Prince
3000 foot soldiers Helebardiere or the Sword & Shield
350 Armored Rider
300 crossbowmen
100 Mustekiere / arquebusiers
1 Trebuchet
5 Great Onager

Military Dunkeltann :

2500 foot soldiers to Helebarde and short sword
400 crossbowmen
10 Great Onager

Military Serrano :

750 foot soldiers to Helebarde
500 foot soldiers with hand weapon and shield
250 Musketeers/arquebusiers ( garrison of Marginello )
100 crossbowmen

Military Barren Rock :

500 footmen with hand weapons
200 longbowmen
200 mounted shooters
100 Nordmann irregulars
50 Nordmann Axe ThrowerMilitary Weidengrund :
600 soldiers to shield and sword
1000 militia ( in wartime )
150 longbowmen
50 Knight with lance on horseback

Military Veraxio :

Exact number unknown
A large number of zealots and militia troops is to assume

Military Penumbra:

250 militiamen (mixed armament )
countless partisans and terrorists in other areas especially Serrano and Barren rock
50 Musketeers/arquebusiers