Lord Vin (Sage) Mordigen

Lord Vin (Sage) Mordigen

Baron of Nahlistan
Squire of the Knights of Arkendrose
Champion of the Sabbath
Priest of the New Light
(Deceased and stripped of squire status and priest hood)

As a child, Vin Mordigen had a troubled family. His mother and father had intended for Vin to become a slave of the God of Pain and Evil, Sect. Upon learning of this, he became filled with contempt for his parents, as he would essentially be sacrificed. One night, before their plan could come to fruition, he quietly crept to their sleeping quarters and killed them in their sleep. He fled his hometown of Narwood, Jargon in hopes of finding a better life. His brother Dom Mordigen had left town years ago, and his younger brother Fan Mordigen who was already deep in his study of Sect, went his own way, despising his brother.

Vin was very ambitious. He immediately made his way to the red school of magic, Rod Van'Gaul. He studied vigorously hoping it would advance him in life. He was a quick study, especially in the area of deception. During his time at Rod'Van'Gul, he met Eilon Galonidale. The two became great friends and would often be together in the years to come. It was Eilon who gave Vin the nickname "Sage", though it is unknown how this came to be.

Eventually, Sage felt it necessary to leave the school to learn more of the world and the to find a place in the world where he would fit in. Soon, a short series of tournaments arose: The War of Colors and the Crown Tournament of Meoldolen. In order to test his skills, he decided to participate. Regardless of the lack of his experience, he did considerably well; he even won a few of the competitions. Vin's performance earned him the notice of Slim, the Duke of Ral. After Sage's meeting with Duke Slim, he swore fealty to Slim, and Slim sired Sage as a vampire.
In the years to come, Sage dedicated himself to separating himself from the stigma of the common vampire. He joined the Star Alliance, quickly moving up in the ranks and becoming a valuable asset in the fight against New Blood, The Fallen, and The Empire of Coastaar. At the pinnacle of his rise to glory, he joined the Demon Slayers proving to many that not all vampires were corrupt... Or so it seemed.

Sage, still as ambitious as ever, soon entered a unique tournament: The Tournaments of Nobility. Sage showed his impressive power when he defeated his friend the Necromancer Salvo Ter'ak and his horde of powerful undead creatures, including a vile Blood Dragon. The fight was long and exhausting [45minuets], but at the end of the weekend event, Sage would claim his title as the Baron of Nahlistan and his friend Salvo, the Baron of Aebin.

Sage had accomplished many things at this point. Within just three and a half years of leaving Rod Van'Gaul, Sage had become a unique Blood Realm Soldier [at the hands of Duke Slim], Become an efficient soldier in the Star Alliance Army, Joined the Demon Slayers, and become the baron of Nahlistan. His rise; however, was not quite over. At 19 years old, still 15 in appearance, he was squired to the Knights of Arkendrose under the Barer of Red Blade: a great honor. The glory was to be short lived.

On a Star Alliance/Demon Slayer mission that involved figures such as Dagger Arnok, King of Celtica, Clavious, the High Priest of the Blood God, and King Lucifer Spite of Meoldolen among others, something terrible occurred: he disappeared. In the weeks to come, Sage appeared to have been corrupted by Akuma. Sage took little time before flying New Blood colors, later making New Blood the pivotal point of Nahlistan political agenda. Soon he convinced a longtime friend, Baron Salvo Turrok, to raise the colors with him and join him in his newfound alliance. Simila began a violent transformation.

Vin Mordigen began working with New Blood Lords and Kings to assist them in their challenges. He created and participated in, many missions that transcended, not just political movements, but also those of a religious kind. Vin was becoming a sadistic and brutal leader. The New Blood Alliance had corrupted him at every waking moment, twisting his mind, until the day they lifted the corruption from him. What remained was not the Sage that everyone had known but a tormented and darkened Vin Mordigen. He continued his missions loyally until Clavious managed to convince him of whom he was and that he was not beholden to the whims of his corruptors. Vincent fought with himself but ultimately betrayed New Blood.

In the next few months, Vin was maddened and unsure of himself. He did everything in his power to feel the good in him that he once knew but the pain and evil would not leave. It was as if he would sometimes be Sage and sometimes be Vin and there was no way to remain one or the other. In the darkest hour of his life, Sage traveled to Boxcart and performed a magic the world had never seen. Vin, while screaming at the God of Death himself, tore the heavens with an unimaginably violent fire. The fire was the brightest fire the world had ever seen, it incinerated everything in its path; even harming the God of Death himself. Death did everything he could to stop Vin, but even gods power was not enough. Death was struck and would have been killed had the heart of Arkendose not shut down all magic, including that of the gods, in a desperate attempt to survive. Millions of people died in the violent after effects: flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis and the flame itself. The fire turned the Land of Boxcart into shimmering glass and the scar of the fire's impact could be seen in the sky, a reminder of what Vin had done. Little did Vin know that he had fulfilled his purpose to Sect. As the power went out for months, Sect and Pyra, who had set up a failsafe to keep power, would cause many terrible things to happen.

Sage, shocked by what he had done and realizing that he always was the pawn Sect, attempted to protect the, now vulnerable, gods from Sect. Sage managed to save Sudami from death (at the cost of a finger) but, he was unable to prevent Death's demise at the hands of Damian Spite Death's own high priest. His squireship was stripped by his knight who immediately attempted to kill him for trying to destroy the very thing the Knights of Arkendrose tried to protect. The knights cornered Sage on his island of Nahlistan. Desperate to survive, Sage did the one thing he could think of; he fled to the Temple of the New Light, a new religion that corrupts the mind and brings them to a more peaceful state. At his conversions competition, the knights arrived at the temple to find an "enlightened" Vin. Knowing what he had done they left him, for they knew he could no longer harm the world once in the service of this sect.

A long time passed and the lands began to heal. Most people did not know what Sage had done but were confused to find him absent from his once prevalent place on the world stage. Little did they know, Sage still resided in Nahlistan itself. Tucked away from everyone, he stayed until a conflict with the Church of the New Light, an opposing belief of the same power, would end with the temple's destruction and him being converted back to normal. This last corruption only fractured him further.

Vincent, still caring for his people, made attempts to be the baron they deserved but the damage was too severe. They still cared for him until the day he truly broke. On that day, Vin informed some people that an heir existed. This brought curiosity from some, including Salvo and Eilon. Due to the quiet release of before unknown information, his friends believed Sage would end his life as a result of his madness. After some time and many reassuring conversations, Vin promised and assured he would not do so through life was painful.

Sage called his people to hear him speak as he had often done in the past. He told them that he had brainwashed them, and proceeded to give them a rude gesture to solidify his point by raising his middle finger. He near instantly broke his people's faith in him as a result of his actions. He went back to his chambers after the horrific speech and sacrificed himself in a ritual to the gods. He was never seen again.