Star Alliance Directives

Star Alliance Directives

Shimabora: Shimabora has only been a free-standing nation for about ten or so years. Before that, it was part of the Kieye Dynasty which, at that time, consisted of Shimabora City and all its encompassing territory and the Wu islands which is now Tengoku. Together they made up a powerful empire. Of course, this changed. The two are divided.

The reason: The Kieye Dynasty had become weak over the generations. The once severally militant nation started to soften. Wars were not as common. Much of the people of these lands had found another way, a way of tranquility. This bothered a foreign interest group who made their fortunes from war. The history books refer to them as "Separatist Powers" but you know the truth. The truth is House Mindredence wanted a more ambitious state. They wanted a nation they could mold into a profiting power that would pursue war and make them rich.

The separatists were successful in crushing the Dynasty within the Wu islands but were not fully successful within Shimabora, The imperial capital, Shimabora City held true to the Dynasty for a time after. However, the separatist revolution was deep-rooted. In the end, it defeated Dynastic control of the region as well.

Why it was so successful: The separatist revolution appeared to the people as a revolution against slumming oppressive rule. It was designed to appeal to the people. It spoke of their interests and wishes. It strengthened national pride which blinded them to the truth; the truth that the whole thing had been engineered by a foreign power. We know now, but cannot prove, that that foreign power was in fact House Mindredence and the current Emporer happens to be their puppet.

The Kieye Dynasty: The Dynasty had been formed after the fall of the Ottomodin Empire. The War of the Deeps inevitably destroyed the old empire which in turn crushed the Wu people as a whole. The Kieye family, of Wu Long Island, conquered the Wu realm uniting it under one banner. The Dynasty then swept west settling Shimabora. Eventually, the great city of Shimabora was created and is still the largest city in the world with around 800,000 people. They Imperial seat moved from Wu Long to Shimabora City thereafter. The Dynasty ruled for centuries and centuries before the separatist movement took it by storm.

Kietaro (sp?) claimed lineage from the prior dynasty. While not entirely untrue you assumed the name do to your true identity Azalale. Your efforts were supported by Wu patriots who also knew, but could not prove, that the Separatist Revelation was a power play run by a foreign power (suspected House Mindredence of Lothelace.) They urged Kietaro to claim your right of royalty and take the nation under your rule before the Mindredence could claim it for the false emperor. You did just that and it worked.

Shimabora, Tengoku and the Star Alliance: Today both nations are under the banner of the Star Alliance. Because proof never surfaced to ratifie you and your compatriot's beliefs about the revolution, you were not able to deny the Tengoku emperor's request to join the Alliance. Since the new Wu Empire of Tengoku joined they have shown the alliance nothing but true faith which is even more disturbing considering the facts. They have complied with every regulation and agreement set down by the Alliance and has supported the Alliance militarily across the world in countless campaigns. This continued support destroys the claim of the surviving members of the Kieye Dynasty of their sovereignty. The plot of the Mindredence was so well weaved that even the Alliance cannot openly contest its actions. This has caused great problems within the Alliance as a whole. Leaked Alliance military equipment and weapons has continued to re surface in places throughout Arkendrose were it has no place to be. This obvious security threat has been addressed several times in the past and promises have been made but not much has changed. Of course not. But again the Alliance cannot question. They simply have to deal with the leak or find a way around it. So they have tried.

The Library of Shimabora: A Library of scholars, visionaries and seers was ordered constructed by the White King Speaker of the Alliance. Shimabora took the duty upon themselves. The Library is part of Shimabora City and well protected as well as well hidden. The library is an archive of information collected and composed by a large team of Rangers, Seers and Scribes. Over time the librarians and scribe can learn information of your choosing. You have only to set them to the task. They will quest for their visions and decipher them as they receive them. As they learn things they will record and file it for later use.

Theaters of Complication.

Theater 1 (The West)

  • New Arcana/ Bri Stablity: New Arcana is the new Capital City of the Star Alliance. The city is made up of Manbalen refugees, Sawdomise nationals and foreign dignitaries. The city was created first as a new home for the Manbalen refugees and second as the Alliances new capital after the devastation in Trister. It houses a number of embassies all brand new. The whole city is brand new. Most of the city is made up of heavy tents. Construction on new hard buildings was constant before the Kingdom of Sect invaded the Empire of Bri. General Zar led his force south from the shores between the Acana's walls and the Hellspire to the north. He came down on the walls that protect New Acrana with Lucifer at their head. Lucifer blasted his way through the wall with an awesome power that shook the very foundations of the land. The Samurai of Bri took him down but he returned with full zeal. The threat of Lucifer and Zar's army has since been subdued but with great cost.
  • Zar and Lucifer: The Alliance forces have not been able to mount a counter offensive since as a direct result of casualties and the breakdown of field leadership. Zar has since embedded himself in Bri's lightly populated North West. He too has not launched any new offensives since his last attempt on the Alliance capital. Zar's military is active however. The kingdom of Sect performs regular raids on the Bri roads and northern villages. What do you want to do?
  • Empire of Coastaar (Dark Empire): The Empire has been mostly quiet for a few years now. Intelligence collection on their activities is lax at best do to the thinning of man power resources. What we do know is that there has been some kind of leadership break down since the recent War of West Coastaar were the Empire fought New Blood for nearly four years.

Theater 2 (The North West)

-Xon's rebellion: Xon was a warlord who built an army year ago in Nar, Ishstarr. The army was defeated when the Ishstarr royal army and White Mountain met them and their ally (Rigen) on the road west of Reote Ishstarr. The rebels scattered and ran after their defeat. Xon pulled them back to reform his resistance at their base camp in Nar or Reote (I forgot which.) Before the forces of White Mountain and Ishstarr could reach Xon his army was hit with a freak hail storm which scattered it again. White Mountain and Ishstarr cleaned up easily after but did not fight Xon. Xon has since reconstructed his army in the south and has continued his rebellion. His rebels, more like thugs and brigands, started harshly terrorizing the Lanar Provence of Ishstarr heavily about two years ago. We as the Star Alliance played no part in correcting this issue as it was an Ishstarrian issue, not an alliance one. However the situation was watched and Star Alliance Special Operations soldiers were often forced to eliminate some of Xon's men do to their thug like nature. This only happened on the rare occasion that a group of Xon's men wondered near Fort Garreth (the rented Ishstarrian fort we use to train spec opps.) That is until Sir Liam's unit embarked on a mission from the Tower of Sawdom to the ruins of the old Sawdomies capital.

-Xon's rebellion (The Ruins of the old Sawdomies capital.): Sir Liam, with the assistance and cooperation of Lord Malro the Baron of Va'lan, traveled to the ruins of the old city, most of which is located within the new boarders of Bri. Bri purchased the land years ago for potential expansion and for the construction of the Tower. Sir Liam found Xon's army to be based there. Sir Liam's mission was of the up most importance so all international protocols were skipped and the camp was invaded. Sir Liam had the right of it as the city was located in Alliance territory anyway. Xon's forces attempted to repel the combined teams of Sir Liam and Lord Malro and failed. Sir Liam found what he was looking for. The reason I am telling you this is because of its international significance. A hostile independent force is based, without the Emperor of Bri's leave, within the confines of Alliance territory. This has made the once, Ishstarrian problem, our problem. More on this as you read down.

-Xon the War Lord: Xon is of unknown origin. Few who live have seen him unless they are members of his army. Xon was previously known as Xon of Nar but recent intelligence suggest that assumption to be a false one. Xon's first army was raised out of the Nar province but this was not enough to place him as a natural born citizen. The name Xon is in fact a name found in the mountain lands of Rigen (New Blood) to the east. Xon's ties with New Blood were confirmed when RIgen fielded alongside him during his first rebellion. Seeing as how the Nar province borders Rigen there has always been a tolerance with the burning lands. The (library's) suggestion is that Xon may have been something ells before he became Xon. If their visions are correct, Xon was a beast from another world in his past life. The information is vague. If you want them to look into this further just ask.

-King Kel Kayoff, Xon and The Star: King Kel has formally brought the matter of his enemies location to your attention. Because his enemy (Xon) is striking at him from Alliance lands, he requests (expects) you to act accordingly. He is stern in his messages but maintains the proper formalities. Basically the situation demands our attention but how? The resources of the alliance are spread thin as it is. Xon has become the Alliance's responsibility. Ishstarr will support the Star's operation should one occur. They expect one to occur of course. (What are your plans and/or questions regarding this matter?)

-Pirates: Pirating is heavy around the lands of Ishticar (The continent that includes, Ishstarr, White Mountain, Shimabora, Rigen and New Bri. The shipping lanes connecting White Mountain with Fox Port (Ihstarr/Polaria) and New Arcana are harsh enough without the pirate threat. The pirate threat makes the trip around the costs almost unbearable if not pointless. This may be a bit extreme but the threat is strong and ever present. The shipping lanes from White Mountain's Nord Port, Bueze Harbor in Shimabora and the Celtican islands are heavily racked with pirate raids. This problem is a constant thorn and something needs to be done about it. Several shipping companies are demanding action. Some Money Lenders are offering up loans to help fund the adverse action against the pirate threat.

-Rigen Operations: The Kingdom of Rigen borders both White Mountain and Shimabora. The mountain land seperates the two nations from one another. The flag Rigen flies is New Blood. They have been enemies of the Star since the Star's conception and they were enimies of Shimabora and White Mountain long before the Star existed. The nation is led by its mage leader Digen, the Red Mage, Master of the Hell Stone and Lord of the Fire Dead. He is a powerful advisory and longtime threat to the security of its bordering Star nations. Do to the White Kings agreement with New Blood's Lord Director the Star will not fight them. This does not mean that the Star Alliance can be lax and ignore what Digen is doing. New Blood Cannot be Trusted. In recent years the Ishstarrian region of Reote was sacrificed to Ignyon (One of two Hell Gods) the lord of Hate and Strife. Rigen mobilized its army under the leadership of a Priest of Ignyone who then corralled the people of Reote together and offered them up as sacrifice. The Lord Director stands behind a red line stating that the priest who did it had gone rouge operating under falsified orders. Before we could get to him however, the mage was executed by the Lord Director and sacrificed to the very god he served. Directly after this operation and underground spec opps groups reports to have seen Hell Spawn reinforcing the ranks of Sycon and Beckorone's armies during the War of West Coastarr. The idea that this was the result of the sacrifice cannot be proven but it is highly suspected. Even with this development the White King's hands are tied. His honor binds him to the agreement with the New Blood Director. Rigen has been quite since. Their military strength remains solid and the Red Mage speaks to no one. What they are doing we do not yet know but caution is suggested.

Theater 3 (The Central North and Commerce)

-The Knights of the Star: Lord Sir Gerold Kingston, Lord of the Exark and Knight Commander of the Knights of the Star, has issued two orders to all Knights of the Star. The first is an order for all to take a squire if they have not already done so. The Second is for all available Knights and squires to come to the Castle Valanda for a tournament. This may seem odd considering the situation of the world but Lord Gerold insists there is a method to the madness. Method 1 (Squires): As you know the Star Alliance is spread thin. Much of the available fighting force is focused on a few key locations leaving too few to handle all of the Alliances other problems. Lord Gerold hopes to build up a fief force that will fill in the holes in the Alliances defenses and combat operations. Method 2 (Tournament): Lord Gerold admits he does not know much of the talents of his knights and their new squires. He wants to see them all in action so he may judge their abilities and move them to theaters of operations accordingly. This is a large movement and it calls for the individual Knights to handle their own expenses. The Alliance does not have the money to fund such an operation. This gives the individual knights a chance to honor their families, their homelands and personal achievements but showing off their skill and or personal wealth while simultaneously costing the Alliance almost nothing. This grand tournament may even empower the economies of the Alliance even more. After the tournament is concluded Lord Gerold with chose were his Knights will go. All will be dispatched to various parts of the world to uphold the Code of the Star. He has chosen three main destinations which happen to be the three major Conflicts; New Arcana, Calmar and East Seenitory.

-The Tengoku Conspiracy: As you now know Tengoku is led by a puppet emperor. But what to do about it? Too many people in Tengoku's 2 mill or more, support the new Emperor blindly. It would take a revolution to bring the current Dynasty down and to do that you would need to show the people that their true rules still live and have claim. After some terrorist activity in Shimabora City, most the remaining members of the Kieye family were killed leaving only two; Aton Kieye and Suki Kieye. The two had been attending school at the Tower of Sawdom with their family was murdered. Aton immediately pulled into hiding and Suki joined the Star Alliance Special Forces.

Aton: Aton went to work on gaining friends. He started by trying to talk to you (the King) but was rejected (not ignored) as a matter of national security. (That part may be hard to understand but I will not be explaining it here.) Without the support of Shimabora's new King (you) Aton went a darker route. He befriended the Heltalani. The Heltalani are obviously a family of crime. They own businesses all around the world regardless of their home of origin (New Blood). Even with this knowledge the Heltalani have gotten away with running businesses in Star Alliance lands. Most of which have fronts that check out with the authorities. Despite the dealings the Heltalani made and their questionable loyalties, Aton chose them. He chose them because of their shared rivalry. The Midredence were the Separatists that destroyed the Kieye and the Heltalani's biggest competition. The Heltalani and the Mindredence hate each other. Since Aton and the Heltalani have begun working together the Heltalani have uncovered some information that got the attention of the White King.

The White King: The White King agreed to see Aton. Aton presented him with his findings and the White King listened and accepted his claim but not without certain expectations. The White King agreed to help Aton if Aton could prove his lineage and uncover the conspiracy.

Suki: Suki was a destruction mage and like most destruction mage's she was a loose cannon incapable of control. For years she pushed the limits of her Commander's patients, Sir Liam, until finally Sir Liam had enough. He had her restrained, Court Marshaled and arrested. Suki did not submit willingly but was jailed along with her counterpart, and elf named Illowae. Suki later broke free of confinement before reaching imprisonment only to be captured again by an unknown source. Suki was again freed and tried to flee Shimabora City (her old home) where she had been brought. In the process of escape she destroyed a city block before being captured again later. This sealed her fate. She sits in prison. A special prison do to her child...

Suki's son: Suki had a son when she was serving as a special operations soldier. This son could one day be Emperor of the Wu people if Aton ever succeeds. Do to Suki's (possible) royal blood she was not executed or placed in standard prison cells. Instead she was placed. In a special (hidden location) were she sits awaiting judgment. If proof is ever found of her lineage than her station will not allow her to be held any longer as a prisoner. The Alliance also required Aton give up his nephew so that he could be protected, raised and cared for. His current location is not even known to you.

Tengoku Now: Tengoku currently has near 100,000 soldiers committed to the defense of Calmar in Daklavan. The Emperor is content with the goings on in the south and remains loyal to the activities there. The nation its self is ruled under strict marshal law. Citizens who are in the process of becoming soldiers are trained vigorously in the arts of war and the martial arts. All male citizens of the age 15 and on are required to enlist into a reserve military program which the emperor has full control over.

Special Operations involving the Tengoku conspiracy: Sir Liam's unit has been assigned the task of uncovering this conspiracy. Sgt. Meatsyn Onade (sp?) and his brother Pv2 Gabrial have been assigned directly to the task. (Which means it's not going to get done...) The current operations are as follows: On the Island of Pandole, Ishstarr the Star Alliance has a war prison (More rented space from Ishstarr). This prison is to be exploited by Mea as its Warden. Gab is to be clean of crime however to make the ruse more believable. Sgt. Mea and his brother have a background back on Chee with a suspected slave ring. They were not personally involved and were actually potential slaves themselves but that information is not known. It is easy to think that growing up in such and environment could potentially twist a man's mind and if you know Mae personally, it has. Near the prison, not too far away, is a hand full of Mindredence owned business headed up by Illale Mindredence. Mea has put the word out, underground that he is looking to sell some of his prisoners into slavery. Fake buyers have been presented as well to make the transaction look real. These fake buyers have then taken the prisoners and shipped them off for use elsewhere (They went to another prison somewhere in another part of the world.) After a time this got the attention of Illale. Illale met with Sgt. Mae once or twice so far. The goal is to build the relationship up between Mae and Illale as much as possible. The hope is that Arturo (the House Don) will take interest and invite him to Lothellease in the Order of Florence (New Blood.) Here he would be able to get a good look into the Mindredence stronghold and perhaps find the location of various identifiable artifacts that you and Aton hope to use in order to prove the Keiye line. Since this time we have sent a small number of undercover operatives into the Byzantaar (the lands Belonging to the Order of Florence) in order to collect Intel on Lothellease and the Mindredence based there. Not many reports have made it back to you and half the operatives have gone missing. However: The information that you have received tells of an all our War between House Mindredence and House Heltalani. The Lord Director had pulled the Florence army back to Bloodmoon for actions abroad and left the nation open to the two enemy factions. If you need more information on this you have to get it somehow.

-Trade Laws: The trade laws within the Star Alliance are strict in most places. The Alliance tries to protect its self and its equipment by administering tight orderly customs laws. These laws are enforced in varying decrees all throughout the Alliance. There are some leaks in the security of this system however. Specifically when involving trade in other, Non Alliance countries.

Embargo: The Alliance says it is illegal to trade with enemy nations: Any nations of New Blood, The Empire of Coastaar (The Dark Empire), and any pirating parties such as the Gram Collective. The alliance trades with its self, neutral nations and the Eastern Alliance only but this causes some complications.

Dragonia: The Republic of Dragonia is a young nation headed by the new president, President Zero, A fire dragon. The nation is made up of Dragon kind and dragon kind only. It is a breakaway state from the Kingdom of Kira. One of Kira's prior kings, King Talon (The only known living Tyrillion) quickly became disgusted with the ignorance of the Kiran barbarians and moved to occupy the abandoned island of Shim north of Kira. They also took an island previously belonging to Kira called Drake Island. These lands made up the new Republic of Dragonia which is the first nation of its kind.

Talon served two terms of presidential office before winning against his rival, Zero an ex Coastaarian general who hails from Mount Airclaw (the tallest mountain in the world.) The mountain defends the Imperial seat of Coastaar.

Before Talon's second term ended he purchased the island of Manbala from Row (A New Blood nation.) Manabala use to be Star Alliance before the vampire invasion of the long night racked it and then the Demon Highguard finished it off. The Manbalan refugees live in New Arcana now. Dragonia rebuilt Starhaven port, Manbala, and opened it to general trade. The Star Alliance nations agreed to trade with Dragonia as the nation claims neutrality in world issues. Starhaven port is an important stop in that part of the world for sea faring trade. It links Simila and Lorance, Kira's capital, to the west.

The only problem with this port is that Dragonian customs operates on Dragonian laws and now Star Alliance. This means it is possible and probable that Starhaven port also acts as a trade stop for New Blood as well. Seeing as how Dragonia is a neutral nation this has to be acceptable. We cannot regulate their actions. The issue is whether or not our laws involving Star Alliance trade are being enforced there. It is illegal for Alliance nations, and or merchants to trade with New Blood nations and or merchants.

Simila: Simila is a complicated matter. The Star Alliance has invested a lot of money and effort with this nation over the past six or so years. When the people of SImila were rid of Jargonian (New Blood) occupation they sought to rebuild themselves. Their royal lines had been eradicated with Jargon invaded so they wished to rebuild it using influential outsiders. They called their tournaments to name nobles and a new king. We supported Sir Liam Blackcloak, Hasuki Sown, Vin Mordigen and Ilkana Raven during these ventures. Ilkana and Vin were able to claim a seat. The first barony was won by Lord Solvo Ter'rak a necromancer. The second by Vin then Va'lan was won by a no name boy of 12 Arxis and the last by Ilkana.

Complications arisen after the second barony was won. Vin Mordigen embarked on a Top Secret Alliance mission into the Blood Realm and was lost there. When he came back he was changed, a new man, a vampire of New Blood. His influence quickly swept south to the new Lord Solvo of AE'bin. The two nations quickly unfurled New Blood banners on their palaces while holding open speeches supporting the New Blood alliance.

At this time our chief concern was the down fall of the New Blood Alliance. We, with the help of the Eastern Alliance, had beaten down New Blood significantly since their inception on 1001 AA. If New Blood was able to gain Simila as under their Banner they could potential start the reversal of the Star's work. They could use Simila to rebuild themselves.

The people of the remaining to baronies at this time had no barons and were not bewitched by Lord Vin's speeches. They remembered what had happened to them when a New Blood nation had last come to them. They did not want to share the same fate. They put the two highest scoring competitors who did not win in regent seats until a time would come when the last two baronies would be decided. They were Hasuki Sown and Demethyl Heltalani. A deadly disputed between sides raged over the next year.

The outcome of the conflict was as follows: Vin threw down his New Blood Colors and declared Nhalistan neutral while Solvo did not. Va'lahn was won by the boy Arxis and Ju'sem by Ilkana Blackcloak (she had married during this time.) Ilkana was later divorced in Shimabora before she remarried immediately after, YouJ.) She was knighted as a Knight of the Star by King Dagger Arnoke of Tristia, the king of Celtica and architect of the Alliance. This was a political move of course. That marriage was consummated giving Ilkana a son. (For issues involving that, reference the mission with Sir Liam into Mithania.) This made AEbin New Blood, Va'lahn and Nhalistan neutral and Ju'sem Star Alliance. Using Sir Liam as a diplomat we attempted to persuade Lord Arxis to join the Star. He was going to agree before he won the crown tournament becoming King. When this happened he chose Demethyl Heltalani as his Royal Advisor. With the Heltalani in the advisor seat Malro Corali (And outworlder) took the Barony of Va'lahn maintaining its prior neutral state. Lord Vin Mordigen killed himself leaving the barony of Nahlistan to his heir, Dralnu Mordigen who once again took up faith with New Blood. This left Queen Ilkana as the only remaining link to the Star Alliance in Simila. She went mad after the disappearance of her son and has not left her palace since.

With all this being said we have a strong concern both with Trade and Security within Simila. Also the religious movements that are reportedly sweeping Simila are extream and I urge causion when dealing with the nation.

Theater 4 (Falnore)

-Seenitory Occupation: For the second time in 40 years the King of Seenitory has been made prisoner in his own castle; this time by the Fallen. The highest ranking lord left in the nation is Duke Plantir' who is busy fighting a war with the Fallen in the east. The situation is an insult to the Alliance as a whole. He needs to be freed and the Fallen presence in Mainland Seenitory must be eliminated.

We do not have very much intelligence concerning this situation other than information concerning the castle itself. The Castle of Seenitory is very old and very big. It was build thousands of years ago and has many secrets.

To the south there is or was and active Hellspire.

-Calmar Conflict: The Calmar conflict has plagued the Alliance for what, 8 or more years now? It's getting old and has the potential to continue independently. A hand full or more years ago the Star Alliance teamed up with the Eastern Alliance and invaded main land Jargon. The Lord Director of the time was able to shrug the massive invasion off repelling the collation forces back to their home lands. It was irritating to say the least. General Sparks, The Lord Administrator of the Easter Alliance remained optimistic however.

He came up with a new plan which called for an even larger troop commitment from both East and Star. The plan had the Star Attacking from Calmar and the East from South Falnore Forest. Sparks did not wait for the Star Alliance to arrive at Calmar in full force. He attacked before that. The Lord Director of New Blood was waiting for him. The attack was thwarted with genius and Sparks fled to Eastern Jargon.

The immediate reaction was the second battle of Trister, far to the north. New Bloods plan was to draw the Star's attention away from Jargon. It worked. The Star had to pull half their forward force back to defend Trister and Calmar no longer had the numbers to push south. So, the Calmar stalemate begun. It lasted until an incident with the Fallen ravaged the gate leaving it free Star defenders and opening it for New Blood occupation. This made the situation between New Blood and the Star even tenser.

The tension slowly escalated forcing the White King to grant the Lord Director and ultimatum, "Leave or the agreement is broken in this location". The Lord Director did not leave in the allotted time. Three days after the time limit was up the Star Alliance moved to retake the Gate of Calmar. New Blood blew the wall up and the battle escalated into an all a bloody mess. The battle has since ceased with both sides severely weekend and demoralized with no real progress made.

-The City State of Chee: After a giant title wave slammed into the island Chee's great mining complex was fractured. This left the island open to underwater invasion. The Fallen took that opening and invaded. The nation lost a ¼ of its population during the evacuation. Long story short, Chee cut a deal between the Heltalani and Daklavan granting them a large portion of un-inhabited Daklavani land. They have since set up shop their creating the City State. But they owe a lot of money to the Heltalani which is technically New Blood.

Theater (The Fallen and the Knights of the Star)

-Fallen War: The Fallen have focused their attention of East Seenitory. The Commander there is Duke Palantir', who has partnered up with Admiral Walt Veneti of Nord Port (White Mountain.) The Fallen are reportedly focusing their attention of the Wild Wood and the Cursed Forest. The Wild Wood is home the Wild Elves. Those elves are no friends of Seenitory but they are not deserving of that fate either.

If the Fallen defeat the Wild Elves then they will be cutting Seenitory off from the Provence of South Wind which will likely make South Wind the first region to fall to the enemy.

-Knights of the Star: See Tournaments of the Star above.